print edition


In response to reader requests, we are pleased to offer a print edition of Deafweekly that you can sign up to receive via U.S. Mail. You may find this a more convenient way to receive the newsletter, especially if you have been printing it out for students, clients, residents, family, friends and other interested readers.

The print edition is identical to the emailed edition and contains approximately 12-15 pages. It is mailed from Rochester, N.Y. via First Class Mail on the same day that the emailed edition goes out.

The subscription prices are:

13 weeks - $ 30.00
26 weeks - $ 60.00
39 weeks - $ 90.00
52 weeks - $120.00

To start a mail subscription, send us your name and address and let us know how many weeks you want. Subscriptions start with the current issue after payment is received unless otherwise requested. Payment may be made via check or money order sent to our mailing address or through Paypal at

P.O. Box 18121
Rochester, NY 14618


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