November 23, 2005
Vol. 2 No. 6

Editor: Tom Willard

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A deaf Rochester, Mich. man began a hunger strike Monday morning outside the Michigan School for the Deaf. By the end of the day, 30 students were suspended for joining his protest. Ryan Commerson, a former MSD substitute teacher, said in an email to the media, “I cannot tolerate the daily occurrence of language deprivation any longer. Let us all unite and take a stand.” According to the Flint Journal, Commerson’s demands include hiring a deaf principal at MSD and hiring school staff and a school administrator who are fluent in American Sign Language. MSD Principal Cecelia Walker, who is fluent in ASL but not deaf, taught at the school for 23 years before becoming principal in 2000. Monday night, parents arrived on campus to pick up the students, who were suspended 1-1/2 days. According to a blog, two fathers got in a fight and a woman rushed to Goodwill to buy 10-15 coats after noticing the children did not have their coats on. By 8 p.m., Commerson was “covered in leaves to keep warm.” John and Adrean Clark, owners of The Tactile Mind Press, were on their way to join the protest. Wrote John Lee Clark in his weekly e-zine: “We, along with our children, are going to Michigan. Tonight. We cannot stay here while Ryan dies for our people.”


CSD began taking new steps yesterday to protect its relay service customers from being scammed, reported Keloland TV. CSD (Communication Services for the Deaf) spokesman Rick Norris said the Sioux Falls, S.D. company risked violating the Americans with Disabilities Act, which requires the relay operator to be “completely transparent, invisible.” But “fraudsters have been taking advantage of the system,” said Norris, and as of 6 a.m. yesterday, relay operators were given permission to speak up. Operators will listen for warning signs and let both parties know if they think a call could be a scam. “It’s probably the best solution we can come up with at this given time,” said Norris. Next month, CSD and other relay providers will meet in Washington, D.C. to discuss other possible solutions. According to the Argus Leader, South Dakota Sen. John Thune (R) said he would contact the Federal Communications Commission about the problem of scammers who abuse the relay system. “Taking advantage of our deaf community and the men and women who serve them is offensive and wrong,” he said.


The Bellevue, Wash. school district has agreed to pay $190,500 to settle a lawsuit filed by the family of a former elementary school student who claimed boys sexually harassed her from the time she was 7. The family’s attorney said it was the state’s largest settlement ever for a minor-on-minor sexual harassment case. The harassment started in 1998 when the girl flunked a routine hearing test and had to carry a card that read “failed” because of her hearing loss. Soon, boys started taunting her, pinching and grabbing at her, pinning her against a wall and threatening to force a boy to have sex with her at a dance, reported the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Barbara Crittenden, the girl’s mother, spoke with the King County Journal a day after the settlement was approved. “It actually makes us feel very vindicated,” she said.


November 30 will mark the second anniversary of Jannet Lynn Hair’s death. Hair, 21, was struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver on a dark, remote road north of Los Angeles. She was a student at Antelope Valley College and was just two semesters away from earning her American Sign Language certificate. She was studying ASL, reported the L.A. Daily News, because she wanted to help deaf children and maybe even fostering a deaf child after she finished school. Around 9 p.m. on November 30, 2003, she stopped her SUV to rescue a stray cat in the middle of the road. A vehicle coming in the other direction struck her - and the cat -- and kept going. She was dead when rescue crews arrived. Police have inspected nearly 2,000 pickup trucks and SUVs like the one that left behind broken parts, but have not made any arrests.


Gallaudet University said last week that it will award honorary degrees to two recipients at commencement on May 12, 2006. They are Bernice Reagon, a singer, composer, producer, author and scholar who “has been a major cultural voice for justice and freedom” for more than 40 years,” and Ed Waterstreet, founder and artistic director of Deaf West Theatre who, with his wife Linda Bove, has “devoted many years to performing, teaching and directing.” Gallaudet also announced that the commencement speaker will be Ken Chlouber, a “larger-than-life character” who helped resuscitate the town of Leadville, Colo. by creating the Leadville 100, what one writer called “Colorado’s most amazing and punishing race.” Gallaudet President I. King Jordan has competed in the Leadville 100 ultramarathon 11 times, most recently in August when he was one of 450 runners.



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“Enjoy your last visit to Halex House!” said the National Association of the Deaf in a recent invitation to its annual holiday open house. The December 1 event, from 4 to 7 p.m., is titled, “Celebrate 125 Years of NAD Advocacy and the first NAD Headquarters, Halex House.” Details may be found at The organization plans to sell its building at 814 Thayer Avenue in Silver Spring, Md. and move to leased office space in the spring. The NAD expects to stay in this office for three to five years, during which time it will “re-examine its long-term plans, including the possibility of a capital campaign for construction and/or purchase of a new headquarters building in the Washington, D.C. area,” said Nancy Bloch in the June/July 2005 NADmag.


Thirteen disability organizations have joined forces to lobby Congress for legislation that would mandate disability access to Internet-based products and services by the end of next year. “The nation needs broadband, everywhere, now, and at affordable rates,” said the National Association of the Deaf in a press release. Last week, NAD governmental affairs consultant Frank Bowe testified before the Congressional Subcommittee on Telecommunications and the Internet, representing 16 national, state and local organizations of, by and for people with disabilities. Afterwards, NAD Director of Law and Advocacy Kelby Brick noted that the nation’s communications laws have not been updated in almost 10 years. “The 1996 Telecommunications Act did not contemplate instant messaging, email, video relay, peer-to-peer video or such handheld devices as the Firefly and the Tictalk,” said Brick. Individuals can take action at


A blind and deaf dog named Precious was needlessly shot to death by a policeman, dog owner Tamara Schuler alleged in a lawsuit filed last Monday in Evansville, Ind. WFIE-TV reported that the court documents identify police officers Mike Sides and Brock Hensley, along with police chief Brad Hill. Police were at Schuler’s house earlier this month to talk to a teenager who was staying at her home. Sides said he shot the dog after the beagle growled and cornered him. But court documents allege that Sides went back into the yard after the situation was resolved and shot Schuler’s dog.


Rogelio Sevilla and his wife Dolores Quintana are ready to embark on new lives as New Jerseyans, reported the Jersey Journal yesterday. The couple awoke on the morning of August 29 to find their New Orleans neighborhood devastated by Hurricane Katrina. The couple, married 20 years earlier in Havana, Cuba, came to the United States in 1995 after Sevilla won a visa lottery. Katrina destroyed their trailer home and car, so they drove in a borrowed car to Baton Rouge and lived with a relative for two weeks before FEMA flew them to New Jersey. With assistance from several agencies and churches, Sevilla, 51, and Quintana, 50, are now living in an apartment in Hoboken. Sevilla, who worked as an auto mechanic, and Quintana, who was a Hyatt Hotel housekeeper, can’t forget what they escaped. “People were stealing food, people had guns - I was afraid for my life,” said Sevilla.


The history of Communication Services for the Deaf (CSD) is the subject of a book that made its debut October 28 at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. “Seeing a Need,” a 224-page book that spans the nonprofit organization’s three decades of service, was unveiled in conjunction with CSD’s 30th anniversary banquet and gala. The history-filled book explores founder Ben Soukup’s vision and contains interviews with leaders including Gertrude Galloway, Glenn Anderson, Robert Davila, Tony D’Agata and Bernard Bragg. CSD staff worked on the book for more than a year, with Frank Turk leading the project and Derric Miller and Larry Puthoff serving as co-authors. “Researching and understanding the journey Ben and CSD have made through the years was a humbling experience,” said Miller.


The San Francisco Mayor’s Office on Disability wants to know how well the government’s city and county departments respond to requests for Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs). The office is working with the Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency (DCARA) on a project that will pay deaf people to attend public meetings and events at city-sponsored locations and then fill out a form to assess how well their ALD request was handled. You would need to request the ALD at least 72 hours in advance and report on whether or not the equipment was provided and how well it worked. DCARA is offering cash incentives to thank people for their time: $20 for each meeting, $100 for four meetings. After 20 meetings are assessed, no more incentives will be offered. Write to if you’d like to get involved.


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More than 200 delegates from 17 countries met in Havana, Cuba last week for the 8th Latin American Bilingual Education Congress for the Deaf. Cuban Minister of Education Luis Ignacio Gomez kicked off the Congress on Tuesday with an address that stressed Cuba’s willingness to share its experiences in deaf education, said Cuba’s National News Agency. Gomez noted that Cuba has 656 educational centers, 30 support teachers, 16 special schools and five daycare centers dedicated to deaf education. Gomez said hearing-impaired children in Cuba follow the same school curriculum as all children, with the difference that they learn sign language. They are also taught to read and write in Spanish so they can further their studies and incorporate themselves in society.


The Canadian Blood Services (CBS) agency is wrong to prevent deaf people from donating blood, said the Peterborough Examiner in an editorial that was reprinted Monday in the Toronto Star. The agency was asked to clarify its policies after Lois Buckley, a deaf Peterborough woman, was told she could not donate blood at a local CBS clinic. The CBS is concerned that the presence of a third person - the interpreter - may violate privacy laws. But deaf people use interpreters all the time at doctors’ offices and courtrooms, said Maggie Doherty-Gilbert, a regional director with the Canadian Hearing Society. The CBS should work with the Hearing Society to find a solution, the editorial suggested. “The only other response is to continue discriminating against Lois Buckley and all deaf people who want to perform a public service.”


A lack of crowds has not dampened the spirit of “these deaf and dumb cricketers” gathered in Lucknow, India for the second Deaf Cricket World Cup, reported NewIndPress in Chennai. The tournament, which began a week ago with teams from nine countries, will culminate with the finals on Sunday. A lack of media coverage has left the event “totally devoid of the usual glamour associated with cricket,” but the players don’t seem to mind as they look ahead to the possibility of playing on their nation’s regular team. Said Pakistan team captain Zaka Ahmad Quraishi: “I might make it one day.”


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In the U.K. crime beat, we have Brian Smith, 51, a former naval officer who is “charged with assaulting his deaf and dumb partner,” according to a news report, locking the woman in her own home on August 29 and “occasioning actual bodily harm.” Smith’s lawyer said alcohol was involved and his client has “no small problem with alcohol.” Smith was released on bail and ordered to stay away from the woman, and alcohol. Meanwhile, in Leeds, up to six men may have taken part in what police called a “totally horrendous” sexual assault on a deaf 36-year-old woman. The victim “was unable to shout for help during her ordeal,” reported the Yorkshire Post, and the perpetrators remain at large. The woman left a bar at 1 a.m. with a man she met that evening, and police believe five other men joined in the assault on the woman in a nearby churchyard.


A 72-year-old composer who has been deaf since he was 14 will have his 100th concert December 2 at Christ Church in Morningside, the U.K.’s Scotsman reported Monday. James Douglas, one of Edinburgh’s busiest composers, has been unable to hear a note of his own work since illness left him profoundly deaf almost 60 years ago. Douglas remembers the sound of notes from before he lost his hearing, the newspaper noted, and his symphonies and concertos have been performed in New York, Paris and London.


The Defense Research and Development Organization in India is trying to develop a low-cost cochlear implant, reported WebIndia123. Animal rights activists have raised objections, however, causing clinical trials to be delayed. Dr. V. K. Singh, a cochlear implant pioneer in India, said researchers want to test the device on cats. “The cat’s ear closely resembles the human ear,” he explained. Unfortunately, “present regulations do not permit testing of the implant on the animal.” Said the cats: “Whew!”


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San Francisco’s Inside Bay Area reported recently on a few “pioneers for the Catholic Church” - prospective priests who are deaf. Shawn Carey and Paul Zirimenya are two deaf students among 79 in St. Patrick’s Seminary, said to be the only North American seminary with a dedicated program for the hearing impaired. The seminary has hired Neva Turoff as its new interpreter and coordinator of deaf services, and her days begin with 7:30 a.m. prayers and can last up to 14 hours. Carey, 33, is sponsored by the Archdiocese of Boston, and his mentors predict a long line of lapsed Catholics eager to confess to the new priest. “They want to come to me for confession because ‘You won’t be able to hear me, I’ll feel really safe,” he said.


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The Ritz Theatre Company in Haddon Township, N.J. has been recognized by the National Arts and Disabilities Center in Los Angeles for its leadership in the field of shadow-interpreted performances, reported the Haddon Herald. The company, known for its musicals, will use the technique in three performances during this season’s production of “Scrooge, The Musical.” In most interpreted plays an interpreter is off to the side, said Ritz artistic director Bruce Curless, whereas in the Ritz productions “the interpreter is as much a part of the actor as the costume. Sometimes I put my arm around them, sometimes we fight with one another. We react to them, we don’t ignore them.”


Deaf actress Jennifer Delora has been chosen to perform in the semi-finals of the Ultimate Drag Off, a new musical variety show off-off Broadway in New York City. She will perform ASL signed music and dance as “Shaniqua Twain” in what she describes as “a lipsync contest of sorts with all types of characters: men as men, women as women, men as women, woman as men ... and any other combination you can think of.” It takes place Friday, December 9 at 9:30 p.m. at Dillon’s Lounge, 245 West 54th St. Admission at the door is $25, or you can pay $20 at (There is also a two-drink minimum.) This is an audience participation event with the winner chosen by the audience, and Delora hopes to see a lot of deaf people in the audience. (See for special group rates.) “There won’t be an interpreter,” said Delora, “but the entertainment should be really fun and visual with loud music.”



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The California School for the Deaf, Riverside football team was routed by North Hollywood Campbell Hall, 35-0, Friday night in a CIF-SS first-round Division 13 playoff game. It was the Cubs’ first loss of the year, reported the Riverside Press-Enterprise. They were done in by a strong defensive effort by Campbell Hall, which did not give up a first down until the Cubs’ fourth offensive series. CSDR is “a really good football team,” said Campbell Hall coach Russell Gordon. “I think we just prepared very well for them.”


The Utah School for the Deaf and the Blind is rejoining the Utah High School Activities Association for the first time since the 1987-88 school year. The UHSAA’s board of trustees voted unanimously to approve the school’s application to begin competing in six sports in Class 1-A in the 2006-07 school year, reported the Salt Lake Tribune. For the past 17 years, deaf and blind students could play for the high school teams where they live, but few were able to make the teams. The school has three campuses and could draw from all three for its teams.


The Alabama High School Athletic Association had to make a few minor revisions recently to its reclassification of schools after the Alabama School for the Deaf chose not to participate in the state’s football championship program. “ASD will play football but has decided again to participate in the Deaf School League with teams from other states in lieu of our championship program,” Dan Washburn, AHSAA executive director, told the Decatur Daily. “We have given them permission before to play in that league since it is so important to them as a state special school.” Scheduling conflicts would prevent the team from playing in both programs, he added.


Non-Profit mental health agency in Annapolis, MD has positions available in Deaf Program. BA/BS in Human Services or related field preferred, and/or related work experience. Applicants must be fluent in American Sign Language. Must have valid driver’s license.

Rehabilitation Specialists-Full Time, 3:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m., Monday-Friday; Full Time 3:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m., Mon-Fri; Part Time hours available on weekends, evenings, days. Duties include transporting mentally ill adults to appointments, medication monitoring, applying crisis intervention, and providing daily living skills support in a residential or day program setting.

Send resume and cover letter to Arundel Lodge, Human Resources, 2600 Solomon’s Island Road, Edgewater, MD 21037; fax to (410) 841-6045; or email to


Non-Profit mental health agency in Edgewater, MD has a position available in Deaf Program. BA/BS in Human Services or related field and/or related work experience. Applicants must be fluent in American Sign Language and Spoken English. Must have valid driver’s license.

Interpreter/Mental Health Specialist-Full Time, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. Mon-Thurs as Interpreter, other hours as needed for Mental Health Specialist (will include weekends). Interpreter must be able to interpret a variety of situations. Specialist duties include; coordination of doctor appts., transport clients to appts., medication monitoring, provide daily living skills & job support, and apply crisis intervention.

Send resume and cover letter to: ALI, 2600 Solomons Island Road, Edgewater, MD 21037, fax (410) 841-6045, email:


TITLE: Literacy Skills Support Teacher of the Deaf for Jamaica’s Fast Track Academic Enrichment Program. Experienced teacher of the Deaf preferred.

JOB POSITION: Seven months with a possible 17-month extension.

WORK YEAR: January -July 2006 with a possible 17-month extension from
August 2006- December 2008.

HISTORY: There are 14 Deaf schools in Jamaica. To this date, there are no Deaf teachers. Many Deaf adults work as teacher assistants in the classroom with a hearing teacher. In order for Deaf adults to become a teacher of the Deaf in Jamaica, they must first pass the government’s national CXC exam required for college entry. However, many Deaf adults have failed this exam due to a limited level of English literacy skills.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Fast Track Academic Enrichment program is designed to give a select group of Deaf adults the assistance they need to enter into a Jamaican teacher’s training college. Thirty Deaf Jamaican adults have been selected to receive this intensive program in order to be prepared to enter college in 2008. The Jamaica Association of the Deaf (JAD) will work closely with the Literacy Skills Support Teacher to help develop appropriate goals for teaching and be available to assist wherever possible.

Responsibilities consist of providing an intensive English Literacy course, summer residential workshops for up to thirty Deaf adults, supporting and managing teachers in other subject areas, two week long summer workshops for hearing teachers of the Deaf, and coordinating short term Global Ambassador teacher and interpreter support volunteers. All duties and responsibilities must be reported to JAD. The goal is for these Deaf adults to pass the national examination in 2008.

QUALIFICATIONS: This is a perfect job opportunity for an experienced teacher of Deaf students on a year leave. International teaching experience is a plus.

Ability to communicate fluently in Sign Language.
Knowledge and experience in teaching English language skills of varying levels to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students.
Experience in planning and designing appropriate learning experiences for optimizing student learning.
Assess student learning and communicate the results.
Ability to write appropriate Individual Education Plans for each student to track student progress towards goals.
Creating and maintaining an effective environment for student learning.
Ability to work effectively in a team-oriented environment.
Willingness and flexibility to respond to cultural differences.

BENEFITS: $25,000 per year salary, furnished housing, 1 round trip airfare per year, traveler’s insurance. Paid vacation and sick days included.

START DATE: January 9, 2006. A one week arrival to Kingston, Jamaica prior to the start date is highly recommended to get oriented, meet the teachers, students and JAD staff.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Monday December 19, 2005.

APPLICATION STEPS: Please complete all steps in the application process. We are seeking the best applicant for this position and will give time and care to review your materials.

Please submit the following:
1. Resume
2. Cover letter
3. Three letters of recommendation

Application information must be received no later than December 19, 2005.

Questions: Call Global Deaf Connection (612) 724-8565.


Marketing Communications Specialist

Basic Purpose of Job
To market NTID through publications, the Internet, and other promotional and public relations activities.

Minimum: BA/BS degree in marketing, public relations, communications, journalism, or related field required.

3-5 years experience in business, industry, or higher education advancement, marketing, communications, and public relations. Minimum of two years experience in Web content writing.

Knowledge of American Sign Language or willingness to learn required.

Additional Information
Internals only: No
Entry: $38,800
Market Rate: $46,000
Full Time
Status: Open

For detailed description and to apply on line please go to


Artist in Residence

Part-time 10-month renewable position beginning September 1, 2006

Responsibilities: Teach one scenic-technology class per quarter. Serve as primary scenic designer for three theater productions. Serve as scenic artist and prop master and supervise student workers for 12 15 hours per week. Work with resident artistic director, production manager/technical director and scene shop foreman.

Required: Bachelors degree or equivalent professional experience as a theater artist.
Preferred: MFA degree, fluency in American Sign Language and knowledge of Deaf culture strongly preferred.

AA/EOE. For detailed description and to apply on line please go to:



GLAD is an Affirmative Action Employer with equal opportunity for men, women and people with disabilities. For more information on the following positions, go to: The status of all positions is: Regular, Full-time, Non-Exempt, Full Fringe Benefits unless otherwise noted. All positions are open until filled.

Brief summary: Employment services offered at GLAD assist deaf and hard of hearing individuals with job information, job training, job placement and accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing individuals. Co-located at 5 Employment Development Department (EDD) Offices and at each local office. The programs under employment services are: Job Readiness Training, Workplace Accessibility, Job Development, Placement and Follow-up.

Brief summary: Under the supervision of the Regional Center Director, the Community Advocate will assist deaf and hard of hearing consumers in the area of communication access via TTY relay, document translation, and other duties, provide advocacy in the areas of social security, education, employment, consumer affairs, and others, record statistics on a daily basis related to provision of services, counsel deaf and hard of hearing consumers with problems related to personal and family adjustments, finances, employment, food, clothing and housing ...

COMMUNITY HEALTH EDUCATOR - Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program in Los Angeles
Brief summary: Under the supervision of the Director of Health Services, using the guidelines of the assigned scope of work provided by the California Department of Health Services’ Community Challenge Grant, the Community Health Educator will: Provide teenage pregnancy prevention and education services to Deaf and Hard of Hearing youths, adults and parents in Los Angeles County using the “Be Cool…Sign NO to Sex” curriculum; Plan and implement daily activities ...

Brief summary: Under the supervision of the Los Angeles Regional Director, the Community Interpreter will interpret assignments as delegated by the Interpreter Referral Specialists and/or Regional Director for assignments that can range from routine medical appointments, staff meetings at large companies, formal speeches (platform interpreting), press conferences or any other situation that requires communication access ...

Brief summary: Work under the supervision of Director of Health Education/Services to implement the assigned scope of work; Schedule and implement outreach encounters, individual counseling sessions and multi-session workshops on HIV Risk Reduction to deaf woman and sexual risk and men having sex with men (MSM); Maintain calendar of sites, dates and times; Make necessary referrals for high-risk women and MSM; Work collaboratively with subcontracted Outreach Specialist for recruitment and project related activities ...

Brief summary: Perform all duties and tasks as outlined in the HIV Interpreting program scope of work; Interpret initial HIV antibody test and results; Interpret in a variety of HIV/AIDS related services for people diagnosed with HIV/AIDS; Update and maintain a pool of qualified HIV-trained interpreters to assist with interpreting assignments; Promote the availability of interpreter services to the deaf community and service providers; Implement survey to assess client satisfaction of interpreter services provided ...

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume and application to:
Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041
V/TDD: (323) 550-4207
Fax #: (323)550-4204


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