August 17, 2005
Vol. 1 No. 44

Editor: Tom Willard

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News reports out of Wilkes Barre, Pa. late last week said an arrest was imminent in the stabbing death of Mary Leo, an 87-year-old deaf woman whose body was found in her apartment over the family restaurant where she worked most of her life. As of yesterday, however, no arrest had been announced. But the Citizens Voice said a man named Derrick Leonard, 36, claims to be the "prime suspect" in the case. Leonard was found hiding in a bush a few hours after Leo's body was discovered. He was jailed in lieu of $20,000 bail on charges of loitering and prowling at nighttime, theft and receiving stolen property. Theresa Simmons, who lives near the murder scene, said at a preliminary hearing Monday that Leonard woke her up at 12:30 a.m. on August 3 and took off with her cell phone. "He wanted to call the cops to see why they were looking for him," she said. He hasn't been charged in the murder and police have not said if he is a suspect.


Sam Friel, who had been missing 18 days in California, was found by Merced police last Friday. Friel, 20, was sunburned and 20 pounds lighter but otherwise in good condition, his mother told the Appeal-Democrat. "I'm just so happy that he was safe," said Kathy Friel of Yuba City. "I don't think I could have taken another day." Friel, who is deaf and suffers from depression, left a Madera hospital on July 25 after being taken there for a mental health evaluation by the director of a summer camp where he worked as a counselor. After friends and family posted 3,000 fliers in the area, he was spotted Friday by firefighters. Disoriented and still wearing a hospital wristband, he agreed to go with police officers without incident. "I think he was ready (to stop running)," his mother said.


The June 2001 murder of Randy Buchanan, a 42-year-old deaf man found dead inside his apartment, remains unsolved, but the case made news earlier this week. On Monday, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled that the Blair County coroner does not have to release Buchanan's autopsy records if the county district attorney can prove to a trial court that doing so would interfere with an investigation. According to the Harrisburg Patriot-News, the Altoona Mirror wanted the coroner to release the records, since the Coroner's Act requires coroners to file their records in the county courthouse every year.


A Contra Costa, Calif. Superior Court judge ordered Kaomang Saeliaw, 18, to stand trial as an adult on charges of sodomizing and robbing an elderly disabled man when the teenager was 16. The Antioch man, a stroke victim now 72, testified he was sitting in his garage in a wheelchair on Dec. 8, 2003 when Saeliaw approached and asked for the time. Saeliaw allegedly closed the garage door, beat the man, sexually assaulted him and took ID, pills and $1 from his pocket. After Saeliaw left, Antioch police brought the victim to Prospect High School, where he identified Saeliaw. Defense attorney Christopher Bowen said Saeliaw, a Southeast Asian immigrant, suffers from a "compromised mental state" after a childhood filled with abuse and neglect. According to the Contra Costa Times, Saeliaw remains in county jail facing numerous charges and could receive 75 years to life if convicted.


A deaf and developmentally disabled California woman who was allegedly raped by a taxi driver identified her assailant to detectives by pounding his picture with her fist, reported the Torrance Daily Breeze. Oscar Ramero Delacruz, 36, was arrested last Wednesday and pleaded not guilty Monday to one count of forcible rape. When the 27-year-old victim, who also has cerebral palsy, missed her ride to work July 28, her employer sent a cab to pick her up. Delacruz parked at a shopping center and raped the unidentified woman, said sheriff's detective Doug Kimura. The taxi company cooperated in the investigation and helped police arrest the suspect by calling him in for a training session. Delacruz faces the possibility of life in prison and is being held on $1 million bail.


Three days after her boyfriend was convicted of murder, a deaf Washington state woman was ordered to serve time, too. According to the Tacoma News Tribune, Jessica Larsen was facing charges of helping to hide Franklin-Scott Keawe Dela-Cruz, 28, after he killed a man last year after fighting over a parking space. She accepted a plea deal, admitting to a lesser crime -- bail jumping for missing a court hearing. With credit for 49 days already spent in jail and time off for good behavior, Larsen, 26, will spend 11 more days in Pierce County Jail. "I think she's in love with the wrong guy," said prosecutor Ed Murphy. Larsen, who had a son with Dela-Cruz a year and a half ago, disagreed. "He is my soul mate," she said in a jailhouse interview. "He's just such a good man."


The Federal Communications Commission has proposed fines of $24,000 each against two television stations for failing to keep deaf viewers informed as Hurricane Charley approached Southwest Florida last summer. At least one person and two agencies filed complaints with the FCC against all four local network affiliates, reported the Fort Myers News-Press. The FCC notice applies only to the ABC and NBC stations, listing three "apparent violations" on August 13, 2004 when the stations failed to provide emergency information visually. The stations are encouraging viewers to write the FCC and protest the fines, said Cheryl Heppner, executive director of the Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons. She wants deaf people to write FCC Chairman Kevin Martin ( and applaud the action.


The Wisconsin School for the Deaf will be getting a new emergency messaging system to notify the campus instantly of bomb threats, gas leaks, severe weather or other emergencies. The State Building Commission approved the $231,500 system last week, the Janesville Gazette reported. It would be similar to electronic marquees used at airports to announce arriving and departing flights. The school currently uses a 20-year-old clock and bell system, which continually needs repairs. The new system is expected to be in place in September 2006.


A ribbon-cutting ceremony will take place 11 a.m. Saturday for GSLAD Hall, the new home of the Greater St. Louis Association of the Deaf. The $1.5 million recreation complex in Maryland Heights, Mo. has its roots in an $850,000 bequest from Clifford and Elsie Kafky, which grew to nearly $2 million through stocks and investments. A building committee took several years to explore options and decided to construct a new building after encountering problems with codes at older buildings. The 7,500-square-foot building has a bar, game room, romp room, storage, kitchen and dining room on one side, and a 3,000-square foot meeting hall on the other. A barbecue dinner will be offered Saturday night to celebrate the grand opening, with Vikee Waltrip on hand to provide entertainment. More information may be found at


Twenty-eight children from nine states are participating in the Summer Adventure program at Clarke School for the Deaf, and most come from schools where they are the only hearing-impaired children. "It's like they're family. They're deaf. They get it," said Catherine DeHahn, 9, of Deerfield, Mass. The two-week summer camp, now in its 23rd year, takes place on the Clarke campus in Northampton, Mass. Students stay in dormitories and participate in field trips, recreational activities and learning experiences. Felipe Webb, 10, told the Springfield Republican that he's never been in a place with so many deaf people. "It feels very fun to hang out with people who have similar things with you," he said.


Wesley Williams of Penfield, N.Y., writing in last week's Rochester Insider, offered politicians "a surefire way to win elections -- cater to the deaf community." Deaf New Yorkers are "a well-connected, sophisticated bunch," writes Williams, whose mother is deaf. If a politician does "one sour thing ... word will spread like wildfire." Conversely, if a candidate makes a simple gesture like addressing a crowd with the I-Love-You sign, "I guarantee that image will be digitally spread through all of America." When it comes time to vote, deaf people will "vote for the more deaf-friendly candidate," he concludes.


Have you noticed that oil prices are going up? According to Bernard Sosnick, a retail analyst at Oppenheimer & Company, "You'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to not have known that oil prices went up." Sosnick's comment was printed in an article on Wal-Mart profits in today's New York Times. If you would like to comment on his choice of words, send a letter to the Times at


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A bomb threat left on an answering machine caused panic at the Royal National Institute for Deaf People in Fisbury, U.K. just four days after the July 7 terrorist attacks in London. The message said, "This is al-Qaeda. There's a bomb in your building set to go off at 10 a.m. You may need help." It was received just 40 minutes before the bomb was threatened to go off, reported the Islington Gazette in London. More than 250 people, many with disabilities, were evacuated from the building, while nearby streets were also cleared. The call was traced to a 17-year-old in Dunoon, Scotland, who said he made the call because he was bored. The teen, who was not identified because of his age, pleaded guilty July 21 at Thames Youth Court and could face up to seven years in jail. "We are hoping he will get a significant sentence to reflect the distress and anguish he caused," said Detective Inspector Lorraine Dillon.


Bhubaneswar, India was the site of a protest last Thursday by the Orissa Unemployed Association of the Deaf. Association members demonstrated outside the Assembly demanding job opportunities. They say that positions at two government schools that had been reserved for deaf workers have been given to non-deaf employees, and they asked the government to establish a quota in all government jobs for the deaf. As reported in the Kolkata Statesman, they also urged the government to establish a separate school for deaf girls to prevent them from being harassed in co-educational institutions.


Sentencing was delayed in the case of a deaf man convicted of aggravated assault in a stabbing attack on his wife in Edmonton, Canada last year. According to the Edmonton Sun, Mukesh Ratnum Gounder, 33, faces up to five years in prison. The trial has faced numerous obstacles, said prosecutor Allison Downey, because of Gounder's mental condition and the need to have two interpreters available to communicate in court. The hearing will resume on September 9.


Bollywood producer Subhash Ghai recently screened his new film "Iqbal" for friends and colleagues in preparation for its release in India on August 26. According to New Kerala, "It is a story of an 18-year-old deaf and mute rustic Muslim boy who dreams to be a part of the Indian cricket team and pursues his ambition with long and torturous struggle." Ghai is said to never watch his films more than twice, but he has already seen Iqbal six times. "Each time I watch it, I find different and new things coming up," he said.


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Elderly people with hearing loss work so hard to hear that they can't remember what they heard. That's the conclusion of a new study by Brandeis University researchers. "There are subtle effects of hearing loss on memory and cognitive function in older adults," said Arthur Wingfield, lead author of the study, which appears in Current Directions in Psychological Science. The study involved two groups of older adults, one with good hearing and the other with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Each participant listened to 15 words and was asked to remember only the last three words. Both groups remembered the last word, but the hearing-loss group had trouble with the two preceding words. "This study is a wake-up call to anyone who works with older people," said Wingfield.


Michael Freemer of Westerly, Conn. was not pleased with an article he read in the August 6 issue of The Day, a New London, Conn. newspaper. The article "only told one side of the story about hearing loss," he said in a letter printed last Wednesday. When Freemer began to lose his hearing 10 years ago at the age of 23, he found "the greatest challenge was facing the social stigmatism." A doctor told him not to have children, a college professor said graduate school was "not right" for him, and another professor said writers need to be able to hear. Despite the naysayers, Freemer worked his way through college, runs his own business and is revising his first novel. "And considering that I always sleep like a baby," he said, "I'd say the quality of my hard-of-hearing life has never been better."


Do you know a deaf woman who has paved the way for advocacy services for deaf survivors? DeafHope of Hayward, Calif. invites nominations for the agency's new TrailBlazer Award. DeafHope's board of directors will review the nominations and select the winner, who will be honored September 17 at the 4th Annual Garden Tea Party at the home of executive director Julie Rems-Smario. Applications may be downloaded at; the deadline is August 30.


A new study calls into question the time-honored approach of putting tubes in the ears of children who get inner ear infections. The tiny plastic tubes are inserted to drain fluids, allow air to enter the middle ear and prevent future infections. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh, however, believe parents and doctors should not be so quick to perform such surgery, which is done under general anesthesia. They studied 400 infants who had middle ear fluid for at least three months. Some were treated with tubes immediately; others were followed for up to nine months before tubes were inserted. When the children were tested at age 3, researchers found no significant differences between the two groups. They suggest limiting tubes to children who have three ear infections within six months or four infections in a year; otherwise, antibiotics should be the preferred approach.



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Cochlear Ltd is expected to report a net profit of between $53 million and $55 million for fiscal year 2005, an increase of 45 percent over the previous year. Financial analyst Andrew Goodsall told the Associated Press that two factors contribute to the higher earnings: Cochlear's $195 million acquisition of Swedish-based Entific Medical Systems, and the performance of Cochlear's Nucleus Freedom cochlear implant, which is believed to have a market share of around 75 percent in the United States. Cochlear shares were selling for $37.86 on Monday.


Nancy Sanders, a deaf employee of the Interior Department's U.S. Geological Study, has been left behind many times during emergency drills. "I looked around the building, realized there was no one around except myself and another deaf person," she told Federal Computer Week. The U.S. government employs 120,000 people with disabilities, and steps are now being taken to ensure their safety in an emergency. Last year, President Bush issued Executive Order 13347, which calls for agencies to have emergency plans in place for employees with disabilities. "The situation is being addressed," said W. Roy Grizzard, assistant secretary to the Labor Department for disability employment policy, whose office recently issued guidelines on the subject. "If the building is safe for a person with a disability, it will be safe for all individuals," he said.


The IEEE Spectrum in New York reported last week on researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology who have come up with a gesture-recognition technology "that will allow deaf people to communicate more easily with hearing people." The system, called TeleSign, uses wrist-mounted accelerometers and a miniature video camera mounted on the brim of a hat that focuses on the area in front of the chest. The user clicks a button on a wristband that sends signals to a computer processor. After signing a phrase, the user clicks the button again and the system begins searching its database for the closest English-language matches. The results are then shown on a display mounted on eyeglasses. The system is currently limited to about 20 phrases "that are sufficient for a variety of situations," said project leader Thad Starner.


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"Desperate Housewives" actress Lupe Ontiveros, who played the mother-in-law of Eva Longoria's character Gabrielle, is set to star in a film called "Universal Signs." She is also helping to produce the movie, which will be filmed next month in Philadelphia. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Universal Signs is "an arty independent film dramatizing the experience of deaf people, through the story of a depressed, lonely man." It will be a silent film with captions, and will be shot in black and white -- though some dream sequences will appear in color with audible dialogue. Creative Access is working on the film with writer/director Ann Calamia and photography director Catherine Miller, and hopes to get the film into the 2006 festival circuit.


Plans are progressing well for "A Show of Hands: A Celebration of Deaf Theatre," a three-day festival set for Nov. 17-19 at the Roxbury Center for the Arts in Roxbury, Mass. The event will include ASL performances, workshops, panel discussions and children's activities. Phyllis Frelich and Bernard Bragg will be the featured guests, and performers include Terrylene, Peter Cook, CJ Jones, Rose Lee Gallimore, The Wings Company and The Con (Howie Seago and Nat Wilson). "It is our hope that we'll bring both well-established and newer performers together to truly celebrate the magic of deaf theater," said Janis Cole, who co-chairs the festival with Bonnie Kaplan. Sorenson VRS has agreed to sponsor the event. For more information, visit


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Several members of Deaf Bikers of America (DBA) took part in this month's 65th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota. Sioux Falls-based CSD (Communication Service for the Deaf) organized two events on their behalf. Members were invited to a pre-rally picnic August 6 at Camp Lakodia just outside Madison, and four days later they were welcomed to an event with the Black Hills Association of the Deaf at CSD's office in Rapid City. "Once again CSD was happy to welcome DBA members to South Dakota as they rode to Sturgis," said CSD CEO Benjamin Soukup. DBA co-founder Jax Levesque said it was the second time in five years that DBA has hosted a gathering of deaf bikers at Sturgis, with the first held in 2000 and the next planned for 2010.


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Assess information technology needs of TDI’s operations, develop plans, and implement action to accomplish these needs.
Represent TDI at various events hosted by consumer, industry and/or government groups.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Required - Substantial knowledge of techniques, tools, and other resources in database management, online SQL experience preferred.
Required - Ability to create and layout written material for websites, publications, information and referral program, and outreach/training activities.
Required - Ability to produce video clips and other interactive features for TDI’s in-house and remote websites.
Required - Substantial knowledge of techniques, tools, and other resources in database management, and information technology.
Required - Excellent personal interaction skills with diverse individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, deaf-blind or hearing.
Required - Excellent writing and research skills.
Required - Excellent computer skills including familiarity with Word, Excel, Publisher, Power Point, and Access. Experience with Web design and/or database management software preferred.
Required - Self-starting ability, and planning and organizing skills in nonprofit management environment.
Required - Experience with user interface web design and architecture.
Required - Knowledge and application of web accessibility features required by Section 508 and by W3C/WAI.
Required - Skills in HTML, SQL, and JavaScript development.
Required - Familiarity with SQL and other database programming languages.
Preferred - ASP.NET or PHP programming experience.
Preferred - Familiarity with the latest Internet technologies (Flash, multimedia video).
Preferred - Knowledge of accessibility regulations, policies and procedures in telecommunications, media, and information technology for individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing, late-deafened, or deaf-blind and their families.
Preferred - General knowledge of resources in hearing loss at local, state, and national levels in relation to telecommunications, media, and information technology

Training and Experience Requirements:
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How to Apply:
All applicants must submit a letter of interest and a resume to TDI. Applications must be received at the TDI office by 5:00 p.m. on or before the closing date. Email submissions are welcome. No phone calls please.

TDI selects applicants for employment based on job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

Contact Person:
Claude L. Stout, Executive Director

Contact Agency:

Contact Address:
8630 Fenton Street, Suite 604, Silver Spring, Maryland 20910-3803

Contact Numbers:
TTY: (301) 589-3006; Voice: (301) 589-3786; Fax: (301) 589-3797

WWW & Email:


Position Announcement: CEO

DCARA is seeking a strong and dynamic Chief Executive Officer to lead the agency and to build on over 40 years of continuous growth and evolution of the agency. The CEO will report directly to the Board of Directors and will be responsible for all aspects of the agency's operations, programs, finances, and personnel. DCARA is a non-profit, community-based social service agency serving the Deaf community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

SALARY: Negotiable (plus excellent benefits)

For more information, visit or email

CLOSING DATE: Open until filled.


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