July 19, 2006
Vol. 2 No. 37

Editor: Tom Willard

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Saying “Ten years is long enough - time for a change,” a deaf minister entered the campaign for the Minnesota House last week against an incumbent first elected in 1996. According to the Associated Press, Rev. Emory Dively, a Republican, said he will challenge Rep. Michael Paymar, a Democrat, in November’s election. Dively announced his campaign last Wednesday with an interpreter on the Capitol steps, saying he opposes tax increases, supports light-rail transit in St. Paul and wants to see better services for deaf people. He added that his election would apparently make him the nation’s first deaf state lawmaker.


Next Monday, the Jamestown (R.I.) Town Council will hold a public hearing on a proposal to add disability to nine other categories for property tax exemptions, said The Jamestown Press. The Council is acting on a request made last summer by Gemma Guinguing, the immediate past Miss Deaf Rhode Island. Visually-impaired people receive a tax exemption but hearing-impaired people do not, and Guinguing - who does not own property herself - said she wanted to be treated equally. The councilors want to link eligibility to Social Security status, but Guinguing pointed out that not all deaf people get Social Security. She suggested the exemption be based on medical diagnosis without regard to income, just as it is now done with the blind. “Please do not make my simple request for fairness more complicated,” she wrote.


A raised pedestrian walkway fell Monday on the campus of Gallaudet University. A large section of the Hanson Plaza footbridge “collapsed on to the road below,” said Gallaudet’s public relations office, which was quick to blame the incident on a heat wave. “The extreme temperature caused the bridge’s concrete to expand, buckle and eventually fall,” said a statement. A blogsite called SilentWarrior68 ( contains several photos of the aftermath, along with the alternate claim that the collapse resulted from leakage from underground water pipes. Another blog, Tactile Junkie (, contains author Christine Roschaert’s accounts of her efforts going back several years to convince Gallaudet’s administration to address campus infrastructure problems.


Henry Ivan Cogswell was sentenced last Friday in Vista, Calif. to 105 years to life in prison, reported the San Jose Mercury News. Cogswell, 31, an ex-convict who is deaf, had been found guilty in February of five counts related to the 2004 attack against an acquaintance who is also deaf. The woman, who testified earlier at a preliminary hearing, had her testimony read to jurors at Cogswell’s trial. She said the defendant raped her several times in his car and again the next morning in a parking lot near his home. Superior Court Judge John Einhorn added a consecutive term to the sentencing because the last rape came hours after the others. “The defendant had time to reflect, to think, to realize he had choices, and again raped the victim,” said Einhorn.


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A deaf driver was arrested in Kalamazoo, Mich. on drug-related charges after police found the notes he allegedly wrote with a drug dealer, reported WWMT. The unidentified 57-year-old Flint man was pulled over last Thursday evening and told police a person he picked up had tried to sell him drugs but he did not buy any. Police then found a small amount of crack cocaine and marijuana in the car. The man was charged with possession of crack cocaine, possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and on four outstanding warrants.


A Maryland hospital has settled a lawsuit filed by several deaf plaintiffs who said the facility failed to comply with accessibility laws, reported The Gazette. An agreement announced Friday by the U.S. Department of Justice requires Laurel Regional Hospital to provide qualified interpreters or approved video interpreting services when necessary. “We were behind the times,” said hospital spokeswoman Suzanne Almalel, “and we needed to improve our communications with the hearing impaired.” The hospital uses video interpreting only when an interpreter is not available, she added, and only until an interpreter arrives. “I hope this agreement will be a model for other hospitals,” said Wan J. Kim, assistant attorney general for Civil Rights.


A program for deaf students that has been based at the Northwestern Connecticut Community College in Winsted since 1974 is expanding 25 miles away to Capital Community College in Hartford. According to the Hartford Courant, the pilot program will offer developmental English instruction and tutoring in computer applications for deaf and hard-of-hearing students who attend mainstreamed classes at Capital. Program director Mark Myers said administrators at both colleges are working together to provide support and equal opportunities for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.


Dennison, Ohio resident Doris Walters was charged with child endangering after police on Saturday found a 9-year-old deaf boy left alone for several hours at her residence in unsanitary living conditions. A police officer found the boy after going to Walters’ home while investigating a report of juveniles throwing rocks at cars, said the New Philadelphia Times Reporter. The patrolman reported that the home was in poor condition and he could find no food. The boy was placed in the temporary custody of a neighbor while children’s services were notified of the incident.


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The results are in and Ivana Novelic, a 17-year-old from Serbia and Montenegro, has been crowned Miss Deaf World 2006. The final took place Sunday in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The Ukraine’s Maryna Chuchriy, 17, took the First Vice-Miss title and Viera Zliechovcova, 20, of Slovakia won Second Vice Miss. The title of Miss Sympathy was presented to Angeligue Verstraete, 20, of Belgium. A photo of the winning four and pictures of each contestant can be found at


The mother of a deaf United Arab Emirates man who failed to return home from college confronted an unnamed minister during a media event last Wednesday at a Bandra hospital, reported the Gulf News. The woman, identified only as Mukta, said her son, Amit, 20, had taken a train from school the previous day and never arrived home. “My child must be lying somewhere with no one to take care of him,” she said. The minister ordered his aides to broadcast the picture on TV and newspapers, but Mukta refused to hand over her only good picture of Amit. The impatient minister resumed his tour and Mukta returned to relatives outside the hospital gates. The teary-eye mother planned to make the mortuary their next stop. “I might find my son there,” she said.


A U.S.-funded project will distribute 5,000 Vietnamese copies of the book “Helping Children Who Are Deaf,” reported VietNamNet. About 3,000 books will be given out free and the remainder will be sold to help raise money for expenses. The activities-packed book, designed for parents and developed by the Hesperian Foundation, has been field tested in 17 countries. In Vietnam, its distribution will be managed by the Pearl S. Buck International and the Training and Development Centre for Special Education. The US Agency for International Development has chipped in $385,000 (US) for the project.


Deaf people in Taiwan pay three times as much for messaging fees as “normal people,” reported The China Post last week. The Consumers’ Foundation and deaf advocates say more than 110,000 deaf people in Taiwan use mobile phone services to send text messages but cannot deduct the messaging costs from their monthly bill “like ordinary people.” CF officials suggested that companies provide text messaging to deaf customers at cost. Three telecommunications companies have promised to work out a reduced rate within the next two to three months.


A deaf Philippines woman told police last week she was gang-raped by four men in Silay City, reported the Visayan Daily Star. The 23-year-old victim claimed in sign language that the four suspects mauled her and took turns raping her. A medical exam, however, showed no indication that she was sexually molested aside from some abrasions on her breast. An officer from the Silay Women and Children Concerned Desk called on witnesses to come forward. The victim, who has two children ages 2 and 1 month, identified three of her four assailants as “one who drives a motorcycle, a bald person and the other with a mustache.”


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A deaf Australian man was jailed last week after pleading guilty to having sex with his 2-year-old son and assaulting his wife. The man, who was not identified for legal reasons, was sentenced to four years in jail with a non-parole period of three years, said The Mercury in Hobart, Tasmania. He dressed the infant in girl’s clothing and raped him because he was mad at his wife, the court heard. He seriously assaulted the wife, who is also deaf, a few days later. Both crimes occurred in 1999, but the wife was too scared to seek help until 2004. At last week’s sentencing, Judge Shan Tennent said the man “ruled the family in a cruel, harsh and what might be described as spiritually crazed manner.”


A drunken man who groped a deaf 17-year-old girl in Lancashire, U.K. was caught on film moments before the alleged attack, reported the Lancashire Evening Post on Friday. Footage from CCTV shows the girl walking and talking with the man on a city street before the two moved outside the shot. Police told the police she feared she would be raped after the man groped her, tried to kiss her and touched her again. Officials would now like to hear the other side of the story. “If the person recognizes themselves on the CCTV footage they can contact us,” said Det. Sgt. John Crichton. “It doesn’t necessarily mean they will be put in a cell or charged.”


Pop singer Raageshwari has signed on to be the brand ambassador for Deaf Expo 2006, which will take place December 14-16 in Tamil Nadu, India. She and actor Shreyas Talpade, who played a deaf and mute cricketer in “Iqbal,” attended a press conference last week to promote the event, reported the Mumbai Daily News & Analysis. Raageshwari told the audience she learned sign language from a deaf girl “who wished that her neighbors and friends would do the same.” Saying she is now fluent, the singer added that she sometimes rests her voice and uses sign language instead. Talpade said that he has become involved with several causes, “all thanks to ‘Iqbal.’” More information on India’s Deaf Expo 2006 can be found at


A group of 24 students and nine adults from a Salt Lake City, Utah nonprofit group called YouthLINC left last Thursday for a two-week mission in Kenya. The group, ranging in age from high school to graduate students, will bring 27 solar-powered hearing aids to a school for the deaf, reported The Salt Lake Tribune. University of Utah audiology professor Lisa Hunger found the $100 aids, which are designed for hot climates, at The group will also bring $90,000 in medical supplies and plans to paint the school, serve in an orphanage and host a public health fair. Adults paid the full $3,500 for the trip, while students earned a $1,000 break by doing 100 hours of service. YouthLINK founder Judy Zone told the Tribune she was excited. “Changing people’s lives is pretty dramatic,” she said.


The Nelson Mandela Foundation and SABC3's Dtv (Deaf TV) sponsored a national contest in South Africa for children at schools for the deaf to create a birthday card for Mandela’s 88th birthday this week. Students from Nuwehoop Sentrum in Worcester won the top prize of R25,000 ($535 US), reported Tonight, and will use their winnings for computers and stationery. Student Janice Joubert said her classmates were inspired by Mandela’s picture on the card and his prisoner number, 46664. “It helped us get into the spirit of designing him a special birthday card,” she said. Mandela accepted the card personally and praised the winning pupils. “It is a great honor for me,” he said, “much more than many honors that I have received.”


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