May 10, 2006
Vol. 2 No. 29

Editor: Tom Willard

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The protest that began May 1 when Jane K. Fernandes was chosen as Gallaudet University’s next president is now in its 10th day. An estimated 100 people are camped out in roughly 65 tents on the front lawn of the university (see While Fernandes said she won’t resign and the Board of Trustees said it won’t reopen the search, protesters formed a new group called FSSA (Faculty, Staff, Student and Alumni) and faculty members passed a no-confidence vote against Fernandes and the board. Yesterday, Board President Celia May Baldwin abruptly resigned “after many sleepless nights and much reflection.” The full board is scheduled to meet tomorrow, and on Friday, retiring President I. King Jordan will preside over his last commencement ceremony.


Celia May Baldwin said her resignation yesterday as interim chair of the Gallaudet University Board of Trustees came after the past week’s controversy had “put enormous stress and strain on me.” Baldwin, the dean of student life at the California School for the Deaf, Fremont, flew to Washington late last week to preside with fellow board member Tom Humphries over an at-times contentious campus meeting. “I simply could not ignore the numerous aggressive threats I have received over the past weeks,” she said in her announcement. “I am truly saddened by events.” Brenda Brueggemann, an associate professor of English at the Ohio State University, was named acting board chair. In a brief message, Brueggemann said, “We remain united in our support and decision of Dr. Fernandes and are committed to moving the University forward.”


Jane Fernandes has no intention of withdrawing, reported The Washington Post, and she believes she is caught in a cultural debate over what it means to be “deaf enough.” Fernandes was born deaf but went to mainstream public schools and did not learn sign language until she was 23. “We’re in a little bit of an identity politics struggle on campus regarding who speaks for deaf people,” she told the Post. In the National Examiner, she said, “I’m not the right kind of deaf person.” But opponents said the issues are more complex. For some, it’s about race; for others, it concerns an out-of-touch board and a search process that seemed rigged from the start; and for still others, it’s about personality. On Friday, nine professors with backgrounds similar to Fernandes wrote in an open letter that she misunderstood her opposition; the real issues, they said, are a flawed search process and ineffective leadership.


Jane Fernandes received a no-confidence vote from faculty members on Monday, reported The Associated Press. The non-binding 93-43 vote was cheered by dozens of students and alumni waiting outside during the voting. “If the board ignores the faculty, they ignore the entire university,” said senior Anthony Mowl, a senior from Fishers, Ind. who graduates this week. Fernandes, who has been provost since 2000, is set to become president in January at the 1,900-student school. I. King Jordan, who became Gallaudet’s president during the 1988 Deaf President Now protest, told the AP, “We are squabbling about what it means to be deaf.” But selecting a president is not a “popularity contest,” he said, and the current protest should not be compared to the one that swept him into office.


Protesters quickly organized their opposition last week into a group called FSSA (Faculty, Staff, Students and Alumni) and came up with the slogan, “Unity for Gallaudet.” In an open letter to the Board of Trustees, FSSA members demanded that the board re-open the presidential search process and promise that no reprisals will be made against those who participate in the protest. The new group quickly put up a website ( and began selling Unity for Gallaudet T-shirts to raise money for food, water, tents and supplies. The shirts, which feature a blue-toned photograph picturing a crowd of protesters, sell for $15 (XS to XXL) and can be ordered through


The National Association of the Deaf said in a statement last week that it “stands with those concerned stakeholders, who sincerely believe that they are not being respected nor heard.” According to the NAD, Gallaudet is facing issues of “lack of diversity within campus, distrust of the current administration, perceived low academic expectations and poor community morale.” Progress is also hindered, said the NAD, “by the twin chains of bigotry - audism and racism.” NAD leaders called on I. King Jordan and Jane Fernandes to take action “with courage and wisdom to resolve the growing discord, divisiveness and disconnect on and off campus.” To do otherwise, they concluded, would be to risk damage to recruitment, enrollment and financial giving.


The Gallaudet University Alumni Association issued a resolution last Thursday calling on I. King Jordan and Jane Fernandes “to take action to correct the discontent of all stakeholders.” The resolution said a growing number of GUAA members make a point to call themselves graduates of Gallaudet College to disassociate themselves from the current administration. (Gallaudet became a university in 1986.) Noting that its members are “increasingly concerned about the image and reputation of the University,” the resolution calls on the Board of Trustees to add more alumni to the board “so that alumni may better stay in touch with the pulse of the campus.”


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News from Gallaudet has been slow to reach Ashland, Ore., where Elisabeth Zinser serves as president of Southern Oregon University. But Zinser, whose appointment as Gallaudet University president in 1988 kicked off the Deaf President Now movement, told Deafweekly in an exclusive interview that 1988's DPN and today’s protests “are worlds apart.” DPN was a “genuine civil rights movement,” said Zinser, a “historic turning point toward progressive emancipation of deaf people from the bondage of society’s prejudice.” The current protest, said Zinser, appears to be protesters simply complaining about the selection of the university’s next president. “This is not a civil rights cause, or anything close to it,” she said. Zinser added that she is “far removed in time and distance from Gallaudet” but still considers I. King Jordan her friend and colleague. “It is special,” she said, “that we are retiring in the same year.”


A small group from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf made the 400-mile drive to Washington over the weekend to show their support for their sister school. “I support the protest,” Lizzie Sorkin, 24, told the Democrat and Chronicle. “I support the cause.” Sorkin, NTID’s student president, attended a forum that Fernandes had been holding every day to answer student questions. (Fernandes ended today’s forum abruptly and said she wouldn't hold any more.) Clayton Ide, a 23-year-old who attended Gallaudet before transferring to NTID, said some misunderstood the protest. “Her deafness and upbringing is not the issue at all,” he said. “The presidential search committee and process are flawed and need to be re-examined.”


My Space is typically the province of teenagers and young adults, so when word got out that Jane Fernandes, 49, had her own My Space page (, many believed it was a hoax. But bloggers soon noted that the My Space page, misspelling of “forward” and all, was included as a link on a Gallaudet University web page about Fernandes’ selection as president. The Gallaudet link was quickly removed, but the My Space page remains. Fernandes isn’t the only central figure to be represented on My Space; I. King Jordan has his own page at


If all the turmoil at Gallaudet University has left you feeling depressed, perhaps you need a good laugh. Adrean McCann invites you to visit her website, Sign Up Comics (, where she and two other cartoonists - Maureen Klusza and “Deafspot” - have posted several cartoons that relate to the Gallaudet University protests. Cartoonists who would like to share their work are welcome to write to McCann at


Critics of the presidential selection process have pointed out the lack of racial diversity among the finalists for the job. Special attention has focused on Glenn Anderson, a deaf and black University of Arkansas professor who resigned as chairman of Gallaudet’s Board of Trustees to seek the presidency but failed to make it as a finalist. The search was conducted by the Academic Search Consultation Service, and any questions about the organization’s commitment to diversity may be answered by viewing this web page of its consultants -, which shows 17 white men and 5 white women, almost all of whom are long removed from their college years.


Café Press, the self-publishing website of unique gifts, T-shirts and more, currently has three different designs related to the Gallaudet protest. One design says “Free Ryan Commerson - Victim of Unjustified Arrest.” (Commerson was detained by campus officers after speaking out at the May 1 announcement of Jane Fernandes as president.) A second design features the large word “Crap” above a photo illustration of Fernandes and protesters holding such signs as “Run Jane Run ... AWAY.” A third design shows Fernandes in her official Gallaudet portrait with the message, “All of your votes are belong to us!” (“Votes” is handwritten over a crossed-out word that appears to be “bases.”) All three designs are available on a number of products, including shirts, stickers, buttons, mugs, tote bags and more. To learn more, go to and enter Gallaudet in the search box.


The Post Chronicle, a conservative publication, ran an opinion article today titled, “Deaf-Mutes Make A Noisy Rucus.” According to independent columnist Frederick Meekins, “the deaf seem to rank among the crabbiest left-wing activists out there.” Students are protesting at Gallaudet, Meekins claimed, because new president Jane Fernandes is not considered “deaf enough.” “And for good measure, Fernandes is a pariah because she is White (good radicals never let that one slide by).” Pointing to a case of deaf lesbians who hoped to conceive a deaf child, Meekins, who says is blind in one eye, asks, “If I one day ever become a parent, why in my right mind would I want this condition inflicted upon my child?”


Last week’s Deafweekly offered a number of websites where readers can learn more about the protest at Gallaudet. Here are a few more to check out: - a daily summary of events and a long list of links for further information. - a website of deaf professionals in Washington, D.C. - a site where you can see TV programs of each day’s events. - a blog titled, “Let’s Get On With It.” - a “Bay Area Perspective on the Gally Presidential Selection” - a blog subtitled “Our Deaf children are the future ...” - Xanga blog, “Peggy’s Deep Thoughts,” of Peggy from Kansas. - Another Xanga blog, this one by Jesse Thomas of Washington, D.C.


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The land that will be used to build the South Dakota signing town of Laurent has not been purchased, reported The Daily Republic, because funding from anonymous investors is still on hold. “When the funds are actually disbursed,” said The Laurent Company co-owner M.E. Barwacz, “we will go ahead and purchase the land.” She could not offer an estimate of when that would occur. While they wait, Laurent Company employees are keeping busy with a non-profit, tax-exempt organization called the Laurent Institute. “We’re looking at writing some grants and doing different things with that,” said Barwacz. Meanwhile, a group opposed to the town, McCook Citizens United, is in a holding pattern, said member Martha Sherman. “There’s nothing we can do until they actually buy property,” she said.


A group of 12 deaf Utah State University students filed a class-action lawsuit Monday claiming the school provides inadequate services for deaf students, reported the Deseret Morning News. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court, names both USU and the Board of Regents as defendants and alleges the school violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. The students said they tried to negotiate with USU officials for years over a shortage of qualified sign-language interpreters and chose to take legal action after the school’s promises to fix the problem came up short. USU Disability Resource Center Director Diane Baum said, “It’s a supply and demand issue; everyone is looking for interpreters.”


A deaf Arizona man has settled his discrimination suit against a car-rental firm that wouldn’t take his relay calls, reported the Arizona Republic in Phoenix. Daniel Busch filed the claim in August 2004 against Saban Rent-A-Car LLC and A-aable Rental after he was hung up on four times while trying to call through the relay service. The settlement, negotiated with the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, requires Saban to pay Busch $10,000 in compensatory damages, pay $5,000 in compliance and legal fees, adopt anti-discrimination policies and agree to accept relay calls.


Montana School for the Deaf and Blind principal Bill Davis will retire at the end of the year after 34 years with the Great Falls school. Davis, 62, has been a teacher, counselor, dean of students and principal since 1989, reported the Great Falls Tribune. He was drawn to Montana as a 24-year-old and - with the exception of a 1970-73 stint as a counselor in Seattle - has been with the school since 1967. When he started, the school had one building; now there is an expansive campus. There’s also an emphasis on working with public schools and promoting transition and outreach programs to students throughout the state. Davis plans to spend his time fishing and hanging out with his grandchildren, and teacher Diane Moog will take his place in July.


A deaf and homeless Virginia man has been charged with breaking and entering and petty larceny after allegedly starting a fire at a church. Jason Santos, 24, was arrested at a hospital where he sought treatment for a cut on his hand, reported WCAV-TV in Charlottesville. Police think Santos started the fire at the Charlottesville Church of Christ after breaking in to cook food. With arson charges still a possibility, Santos appeared in court via satellite last Friday and was ordered to remain in jail without bond until his next hearing on June 22.


A Morganton, N.C. man is facing three felony charges after allegedly raping a 9-year-old girl whose mother was home but didn’t hear the attack because she is deaf. Joshua Clark said he had been drinking and thought the victim was his ex-girlfriend, but Burke County Sheriff’s Office detectives don’t buy it, reported WCNC-6 News in Charlotte. They are looking into the possibility that he may have done the same thing to the same victim several years ago. “He showed no remorse,” said Det. John Huffman. “He even chuckled a few times. A normal man would have been depressed beyond express.”


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A deaf man was in critical condition in Portland, Ore. last Wednesday after getting stabbed on his way home from a bar. The victim, whose name was not released, was walking with a friend when he got into some kind of disagreement with a group of four men. He was stabbed by a suspect described as white with a shaved head, reported KGW-8 News, and was rushed by paramedics to the hospital. Police don’t believe it was a hate crime, and a search of the area with K-9 teams failed to turn up any clues.


The Associated Press reported last week on a confrontation in Valparaiso, Ind. between a hearing man with two prosthetic legs and a deaf man he met in a bar. Kent Hisey, 52, and James Mills, 46, who is deaf, drove around several towns in northwest Indiana for several hours. Hisey became frustrated by Mills’ difficulty in communicating directions, police said, and stopped the car, used his walker to go around to the passenger side and tried to pull Mills out of the car. Mills responded by pushing Hisey, causing him to fall and hit his head on the ground. Paramedics arrived about 1:30 a.m. to treat Hisey’s lacerations and found his blood-alcohol level to be 0.16 percent, twice the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Mills was arrested on a battery charge.


The mother of a deaf man in Savannah, Ga. called police last week to report that her son had been attacked, reported the Connect Savannah. The son was hit with a length of PVC pipe and threatened with a gun, said the mother. Police observed a red mark on the victim’s shoulder. The suspect, tracked down at home, told police he attacked the deaf man because he made a gesture at him.


An unlikely friendship between a 36-year-old deaf convicted killer and a 19-year-old hearing gang member has led to attempted murder charges against both men, reported the Los Angeles Daily News. Val Smith, a deaf man who served six years in jail for a 1992 Van Nuys killing, and Samuel Martinez, a reputed teenage gang member, are charged with firing a semiautomatic rifle at a Lancaster car dealership on January 6, narrowly missing two police officers. The two men, who live in neighboring apartments within sight of the dealership, gave conflicting and changing stories to investigators and at one point said they were shooting at a mound of dirt. (Detectives found no such mound.) Charged on numerous counts last Friday, Smith and Martinez both pleaded not guilty and were held in lieu of $2 million bail.


Twenty-six people are on a waiting list for a Middletown, Conn. residence for people with hearing impairments that opens in July. The 16-unit building, constructed by the Middletown Housing Authority for $2.4 million, is the only one of its kind in the state and was modeled after the New England Homes for the Deaf in Danvers, Mass. One- and two-bedroom apartments will be available in the three-story, colonial-style building. Applicants must be either elderly or have a sensory impairment, with a maximum annual household income of $42,000. A lottery will be held to select tenants, with deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants being given a preference.


The Forsyth Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Winston-Salem, N.C. is in danger of closing, reported WXII-12 on Monday, after the United Way announced it was pulling the center’s funding in an effort to save money. In about eight weeks, clients will have to travel to Greensboro for services. United Way vice-president Eric Aft said it was a tough decision but the Greensboro Regional Center serves the Piedmont area where the Forsyth Center is located.


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The Irish government has challenged a doctor to provide proof of his claims that a patient went deaf during treatment for a routine procedure in Britain. Pat O’Byrne, chief executive of the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF), told the Irish Medical Times that the NTPF contacted hospitals in Britain and Ireland involved in treating the patient and found “that those allegations are completely without foundation.” Reports of patients coming back to Ireland deaf first arose at the Irish Medical Organization’s annual meeting. However, the two or three percent of patients who go to Britain for medical treatment “have come back with excellent outcomes,” said O’Byrne, “and any comments to the contrary are without foundation.”


A hearing aid dealer in Driffield, U.K. is marking Deaf Awareness Week by donating £20 ($37 U.S.) to Hearing Dogs for Deaf People for every hearing aid sold. “We work closely with those suffering from hearing loss and have a natural link to this charity,” Sue Buck, branch manager of The Hearing Company, told Driffield Today. “We hope to raise as much money as possible toward the training of more hearing dogs.” Children can join in by drawing their own dog or one they’d like to own - entries will be displayed and the winner gets a coloring kit. Donations are appreciated, said Peter Hutchins, the charity’s head of fundraising, as “we receive no government or lottery funding and training each dog costs thousands of pounds.”


Deafness Research UK’s new Ear Institute opened last week, and officials are hard at work raising funds to attract the best young scientists into hearing research through a program of four-year postgraduate Ph.D. studentships. Deafness affects 9 million people in the U.K., reported Community Newswire, and is the second most common disability in the U.K. The Ear Institute, located next to the Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital in London, was built with £9 million ($16.7 million U.S.) from the Wellcome Trust. Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, was on hand for the opening and pledged his fundraising support, saying the center represents “the first attempt to understand the whole hearing process from the outer ear to the brain.”


A recent field trip saw 21 students from St. Dominic’s School for the Deaf in Hammanskraal, South Africa tour the veterinary facilities at the University of Pretoria. According to The Pretoria News, the trip was organized by Rachel Lebogo, who said, “I’m trying to expand their career options and it makes me happy to see them enjoying themselves.” The students, from grades 4, 7 and 8, toured the main buildings and played with training beagles and cats kept on the grounds. Dr. Marianne de Vries, a specialist in behavioral medicine, said, “The amazing thing is that it is easier for deaf people to communicate with animals because animals don’t understand spoken languages and only understand body language.”


Most of Sweden’s deaf and hard-of-hearing youngsters get no help at school, said a special report from the Swedish handicapped society. As a result, many students lag behind in class, have trouble moving on to higher education and are forced to take less-fulfilling work, reported Sveriges Radio. The situation appears especially bad in Stockholm, where authorities freely admit that they don’t know what is happening with two-thirds of the city’s disabled youngsters who need extra help.


The deaf community in Belgium celebrated April 26 as the Flemish Parliament unanimously recognized Flemish Sign Language (Vlaamse Gebarentaal or VGT, previously known as Belgian Sign Language). The fight for recognition had been waged for years, but “because of the political complexity of language laws in Belgium, it turned out to be a fierce struggle,” said Isabelle Heyerick of the Federation of Flemish Deaf Organizations (Fevlado). Things began to heat up in 2004 when Helga Stevens, a deaf member of the Flemish Parliament, put recognition of sign language on her electoral program. A group of young deaf and hearing friends then established Deaf Action Front (DAF), which gathered 70,000 Flemish signatures on petitions. It all paid off two weeks ago when parliament approved the measure, which includes plans for a new research center to study VGT.


Deafweekly's other news sections, edged out by Gallaudet news, will return next week.



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RSD is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in employment on the basis of non-qualifying disability, race, religion, color, sex, marital status, age, national origin, and veteran status.


CEO Position Announcement
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DCARA is seeking a Chief Executive Officer to build on over 40 years of continuous growth and evolution of the non-profit, community-based social service agency. DCARA serves the Deaf Community in the San Francisco Bay Area and 14 counties in Northern California. The CEO will be responsible for all aspects of the agency’s operations, programs, finances, and personnel. To see the full job announcement including information about DCARA, minimum qualifications and application process, visit CLOSING DATE: Open until filled.



F·E·G·S is one of the largest health and human services organizations in the country with a budget in excess of $230 million and 3,500+ employees in more than 300 locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. We seek experienced professionals, fluent in ASL, to work with staff and adult disabled, deaf population at our Manhattan facility on Hudson Street.

Staff Sign Language Interpreters

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PT: Provides interpreting services for individual and group counseling sessions, meetings, and other program activities for Continuing Day Treatment Program serving deaf, chronically mentally ill clients. Must have flexibility in working with client’s personal signing styles.


Day Habilitation Instructor/Specialist to supervise and support deaf adults with developmental disabilities in a classroom setting. Provide group and individual instruction. Tri-state driver’s license required.

Positions require BA (or equivalent combination of education and experience) and full fluency in ASL. Prior experience working with disabled population and RID/NAD certification strongly preferred.

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- Fluency in American Sign Language (ASL)
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- Excellent presentation skills
- Excellent customer service skills

Additional Skills Preferred
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- Basic data entry skills and knowledge of a variety of computer programs (Microsoft Office Suite preferred)
- Knowledge of telecommunications equipment
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Salary is commensurate with experience. Excellent benefits package!

Submit cover letter and resume to:
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The Kansas School for the Deaf, 450 East Park St., Olathe, KS 66061, is currently seeking qualified individuals for the following positions for the 2006- 2007 school year:

Secondary Principal **Immediate Opening**
Elementary Teacher
Secondary Mathematics Teacher
Secondary English Teacher
Anticipating Full Time Dormitory Teachers
Substitute Teacher, Para and Dormitory

Placement made within agency guidelines on salary schedule depending upon professional background and experience. KSD offers excellent benefits. Applicants will be screened and the most highly qualified applicants will be invited for an interview session. Positions are open until filled. KSD is located in the Heartland of the USA, part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. For area info on excellent schools and affordable housing check out: and

For an application and a job announcement on each of these positions, please refer to our website at or contact Teresa Chandler, Human Resources Office, at (913) 791-0501 (V/TTY) for further details on the positions. E-mail: Fax #: 913/780-6563

An Equal Employment/Educational Opportunities Agency
Tobacco Free Campus

“KSD Embraces Diversity”


DCARA has a few exciting job openings in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area:

Full-Time Client Support Specialist position (San Leandro)
Part-Time Staff Interpreter position
Full-Time Job Developer/Interpreter positions

SALARY & BENEFITS: Salary for all positions is negotiable depend on experience and education. DCARA offers extremely competitive benefits such as 4-day work week schedule, 12 days of holiday leave plus one week paid winter holiday, and full medical, dental, vision and life insurances.

DEADLINE: All positions are open until filled.

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications and full employment position descriptions are available at, then click on “Employment”.



GLAD is an Affirmative Action Employer with equal opportunity for men, women and people with disabilities. For more information on the following positions, please go to: The status of all positions is: Regular, Full-time, Non-Exempt, Full Fringe Benefits unless otherwise noted. All positions are open until filled.

Community Advocate - Los Angeles
Job Developer/Interpreter - Norwalk
LIFESIGNS Director - Los Angeles
LIFESIGNS Clerk - Los Angeles
Network I.T. Administrator - Los Angeles

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
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Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041
V/TDD: (323) 550-4207
Fax #: (323)550-4204


(Telecommunications Assistance Program Manager)
$3,287 - $4,840 monthly

AS THE TELECOMMUNICATIONS ASSISTANCE PROGRAM MANAGER for the Oregon Public Utility Commission, you will supervise the subordinate staff and provide direction to and monitoring of the three Residential Service Protection Fund programs that deliver telecommunications services to disabled and low income Oregonians, and represent the agency as a liaison between constituent groups, legislature and the programs

If hired, the state will pay your medical/dental premiums, and you will receive nine paid holidays per year, generous sick and vacation leave benefits and 24 hours personal business leave. You will also receive significant technical training opportunities at no cost to you. All this plus living in Salem in close proximity to Portland, Eugene, the Oregon Coast and the Cascade Mountains! To learn more about Oregon, check out the following web pages: and

For more information about this recruitment, visit the State website at and look for Announcement Number LE060150. This website also has the necessary application forms. Or you can call (503) 373-1368 (voice), or (800) 648-3458 (TDD/TTY) and ask for a copy of the announcement. Completed applications must be received by 5:00 PM on May 23, 2006. An EEO/AA employer.


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