April 5, 2006
Vol. 2 No. 24

Editor: Tom Willard

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Dante Milbourne, 25, a deaf New Jersey man, was arrested Saturday after going to Millville police with an interpreter and confessing to murder. The body of an unidentified woman was found in Milbourne’s apartment at Maurice View Plaza a short time later. Police obtained a search warrant and combed the apartment for evidence, saying the identity of the woman, possibly in her 20s, could not be immediately established. Police Chief Ronald Harvey told the Bridgeton News that the apparent cause of death was multiple stab wounds and an autopsy would be performed to determine the exact cause. The Plaza, a former YMCA that was renovated for disabled people under 62, was created by the Millville Housing Authority in response to complaints at senior citizen complexes about the activity and noise of younger disabled residents.


KVUE in Austin, Texas reported Monday on a “bittersweet ceremony” that took place over the weekend to crown a new Miss Deaf Texas. Johanna Valente replaced Tara Rose McAvoy, who died March 13 after being hit by a train. “I have very mixed feelings,” said Valente. “One thing - I’m sad. I’m glad because I’m going to be doing this for Tara.” Valente will compete in the Miss Deaf America contest this summer at the National Association of the Deaf conference in California. Meanwhile, McAvoy’s My Space page has been added to a website directory of My Space members who have died:


Darlene VanderGiesen was suffocated or killed by a blow that fractured her skull, a prosecutor said last week. “I think it’s impossible to say, at least at this point, what the precise cause of death was,”Minnehaha County State’s Attorney Dave Nelson told the Associated Press. VanderGiesen, a 42-year-old deaf Sioux Falls, S.D. resident, was last seen alive on February 1. Her legs and lower torso were found in a local landfill about 10 days later. Last week, the rest of her body was found intact in a roadside ditch in Minnesota. “At least we know where she is,” said the victim’s father, Gene VanderGiesen of Rock Valley, Iowa. “We don’t have to wonder if she’s here or there.” Her alleged killer, Daphne Wright, 42, also deaf, remains in prison after pleading not guilty to kidnapping, first-degree murder and murder while committing a felony.


Ulf Hedberg’s ongoing fight to live under one roof with his 12-year-old son and his partner took a happy turn last Monday, reported the Washington Blade, when a Maryland trial court overturned an earlier ruling and said Hedberg’s partner could move back home. In May 2002, Hedburg was granted custody of his then-9-year-old son on a Virginia family court judge’s condition that Blaise Belahoussaye, who is blind and deaf, move out of the house. Every weekend for four years, Delahoussaye visited Hedberg and his son, and the family is now planning to buy a home together. “When I informed our son about the decision,” said Hedberg, “he cried happily.”


Gallaudet University President I. King Jordan, who will retire at the end of the year, was honored last week with resolutions by the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Senate Res. 411, introduced by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), honors Jordan “for his many years of dedicated service to Gallaudet University, to the deaf and hard of hearing community, and to all individuals with disabilities.” House Res. 680, submitted by Reps. Ron Kind (D-Wisc.), Michael Oxley (R-Ohio), Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) and Ray LaHood (R-Ill.), praises Jordan as “an accomplished, respected leader.” According to a Gallaudet news release, both documents are now part of the Congressional Record.


With I. King Jordan retiring December 31, the race is heating up for Gallaudet’s next president. A new website, “Gally President Watch,” offers information on 12 candidates, including Koko, the signing gorilla. Not all of the 11 humans are official candidates, say the creators, but “if he or she is mentioned, it means we probably wanted that person to apply.” Users can enter their own comments and see how many page hits each person gets by scrolling over the pictures - an easy way to keep score at home. Built by TaylerInfomedia, the site was created by alumni who “thought better” of including their names. You can check it out at A search committee update can be seen at


A Spokane, Wash. jury wasn’t moved by testimony last Thursday by a deaf man who said he stabbed his deaf friend a dozen times after the friend attacked him first. David Joe Bishop, 35, was convicted of first-degree assault, reported The Spokesman-Review. Victim Anthony Cassano, 51, sustained no life-threatening wounds in the August 6 attack and was released from the hospital within a couple of days. Bishop, already convicted last year of robbery, faces 10 to 12 years in prison for the assault.


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Apple issued a software update last Wednesday that offers volume controls for Nano and iPod users, reported the Associated Press. The software allows parents to impose a maximum volume on their kids’ iPods and lock it with a code. Apple said little about the change, but earlier this year a Louisiana man sued the company and claimed the iPod can lead to hearing loss. Apple “is acting in a responsible way to address” the issue, said a tech industry analyst. More than 42 million iPods - capable of producing sounds of over 115 decibels - have been sold since the product was introduced in October 2001.


A report in The Oregonian last week raised questions about the $25.8 million Oregon and Washington pay to educate a few hundred students in two Vancouver residential schools for the deaf and the blind. Tight budgets have prompted Gov. Chris Gregoire and two legislators to call for a review of all state residential schools, including juvenile detention facilities and schools for the developmentally disabled. One idea is to move the School for the Deaf and its 126 students to the campus of the 36-student School for the Blind two miles away. The states pay nearly $160,000 per student at the two residential schools while spending $15 million a year for 2,000 deaf and blind students in regional programs in the rest of the state. Said Sen. Doug Whitsett: “Do the math.” (We did .. it’s $7,500 per student.) Added Rep. Hans Dunshee, “I just want the best service for the best price.”


AT&T has changed its mind about eliminating 45 out of 200 jobs at a relay center in New Castle, Pa. According to the Associated Press, the center is the only facility in the state that relays calls for deaf, hard-of-hearing and speech-impaired people. Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell held a press conference last Friday to announce the reversal. AT&T’s earlier decision to eliminate the jobs, plus another 210 positions at a Pittsburgh call center, prompted state utility regulators to investigate. “We’re going to do the best we can to maintain these operations as long as we can,” said AT&T spokesman Walt Sharp.


Life isn't the same at the Bayou Courtyard Apartments in Seminole, Fla., reported the St. Petersburg Times last week, with the swimming pool being converted into a picnic area. Resident Patrick “Rusty” Ackerman, who is deaf and blind, used to swim every day but now sits at home “like I’m in prison.” Two years ago he almost got in the pool when a resident warned him it was dirty, and soon after, managing agency Deaf & Hearing Connection of Tampa Bay decided to close it. Director Julie Church said it would have taken $20,000 to clean the pool and $10,000 a year for upkeep. An anonymous donor offered a challenge grant of $35,000 - which DHC matched with $25,000 in fundraising - but the money is being used for the picnic area and a recreation room with big-screen TV and pingpong and pool tables. Said Church: “The people who live here can’t dictate the process.”


A deaf man in Brooklyn, N.Y. was credited with helping residents escape an apartment building fire last Tuesday. According to the New York Post, the unidentified man used hand gestures to alert his neighbors after fire broke out between the ceiling and roof boards of a fourth-floor apartment just before 8 a.m. Mary Isaac, 30, said the man came running downstairs in his underwear, making hand signals, mouthing the word “fire” and indicating he smelled gas. No one was badly hurt, but 28 families were left temporarily homeless.


A deaf Ohio woman’s truck was stolen outside a gas station last Monday with her hearing dog inside. Dawn-Marie Fucile of Lakewood had left the unlocked truck running while she ran inside for coffee, reported WKYC in Cleveland. Police said store surveillance captured images of a white male taking off in the vehicle. Fucile pleaded for the return of 10-year-old “Wilma,” a fox terrier she had trained to be her hearing dog. Luckily, the dog was found later that night at an auto shop.


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An 18-year-old U.K. man is on trial this week for raping a deaf woman more than twice his age. Daryl Davies, from Barry, 17 at the time, denied the charges and claims he and the woman, 43, had consensual sex, reported BBC News. The jury was shown notes the pair had written on an envelope that made it “perfectly clear” the woman did not want sex, said prosecutor Martyn Kelly. “Afterwards he said he was sorry and told her he loved her,” he said. The woman was set to give her own testimony yesterday through a sign language interpreter.


The mayor of Blackburn was a special guest for the opening last week of the V.Fresh Café, a place where young deaf workers "can develop their confidence and communication skills." According to the U.K.’s Lancashire Evening Telegraph, the café will also raise money for the East Lancashire Deaf Society. “Instead of begging as a charity with cap in hand," said society chairman Doug Alker, "the society should be going out into the community and have deaf people working with hearing people.” The café, which serves only vegetarian food, has about 22 volunteers and is part of a $6.1 million (US) project that will create additional deaf-staffed businesses in buildings nearby.


The deaf community in Malaysia marked the birth of its own newspaper with a reception at a shopping center restaurant, reported The New Straits Times. MyDeaf News, published four times a year by the Malaysian Federation of the Deaf, is distributed to MFD members and will be available on newsstands. “With the publication of this newspaper, we will understand issues of disability with more compassion and awareness,” said a government official who spoke at the event. The new publication includes community news, disability rights, social events and sports, which MFD president Mohamad Sazali Shaari said allows the deaf to “have their say now.”


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Badminton is growing in popularity, said China News Asia, and is likely to be included in the 1st South East Asia Games in Singapore in 2008. A deaf badminton championship hadn’t been staged in more than 30 years until Singapore recently hosted a tournament. Now the players are preparing for more competitions, with the Malaysia Games for the Deaf coming up in August and the Asia Pacific Deaf Badminton Championship in India two months later. The Sports and Recreation Committee of the Deaf is forming a team and seeking sponsors, and “organizers are confident that the local shuttlers are ready for the big stage.”


An Australian mother of a deaf 6-year-old girl was “extremely disappointed” with how her daughter’s diagnosis was handled four years ago, reported Berwick News last week. “I was handed a show bag and that was it,” said Johanna Fricot. The material "was very daunting and looked very negative.” Fricot wanted to talk with another parent who had gone through a similar experience and finally tracked down the mother of a deaf child in Brighton. “After two or three words on the phone,” said Fricot, “I burst into tears and she cried with me and said it would be okay.” The experience led Fricot to form the Parents of the South East Region (POSER) group in November 2004 with the help of Deaf Children Australia. The group has about 25 members and wants to replace the “show bag” with an information book for the parents of deaf children.


International students from developing countries are invited to apply for the World Deaf Leadership Scholars Fund, an endowed scholarship offered by Gallaudet University and funded by the Nippon Foundation in Tokyo, Japan. Scholars will be chosen for their ability to contribute positively to their nation “and possibly the world.” Scholarships will cover tuition, room, board and up to two internships in the scholars’ countries. May 1 is the deadline and a PDF application can be downloaded at


“Several totally blind and deaf people ... were restored over the weekend with miraculous healings,” reported last week. The transformations took place at the Tubmanburg Miracle Crusade in Liberia, a three-day “power-packed evangelistic sojourn” with the theme Jesus is the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever. More than 40,000 people turned out to drink from the fountain of living waters and listen to evangelist Len Lindstrom, a Canadian who has preached in more than 150 nations. Several in the audience saw an end to their “long afflictions of sicknesses,” including a 44-year-old woman whose hypertension vanished and a 61-year-old man whose “painful pile came to an end."



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A tiny device has changed Donna Burney’s life dramatically, reported The News Courier in Athens, Ala.. Burney began to lose her hearing from ear infections as an infant and has had eight eardrum reconstructions, each of which offered only six to eight months of improved hearing. In early 2003, Dr. Dennis Pappas drilled a titanium screw into Burney’s skull behind her right ear and a few months later snapped a small BAHA - bone-anchored hearing apparatus - device onto the screw. It works by bypassing the outer and middle ear and vibrating sound directly through the skull. The results have been “astonishing,” said the report, and Burney now plans to join a June 21-July 2 mission to Russia, where she will tell deaf children in Lipetsk “that there is hope for them as well.”


The Delta Zeta sorority at the University of Georgia held its first Turtle Fund Fair on Saturday to raise money for the Turtle Grant, a financial aid award for deaf and hard-of-hearing people in Athens. The fair was set up like a carnival with 20 booths including pie throws, potato sack races, face painting and tug of war. Prior to the event, the fund - which assists with hearing aid batteries, interpreter fees, minor medical aid and school-related needs - had already raised $2,000 this year. The amount of an award is based on need and how much is in the fund, said senior Allyson Wisdom, and so far the group hasn’t turned down a single application.


A news article from Metal Underground in Maryland claimed Saturday that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) was suing a 77-year-old deaf widow for illegally downloading more than 540 songs to her computer. The RIAA was using “hardball tactics” to get Edna Springer to settle for $12,000, said the report, though the Nebraska woman just gets by on a pension. “Ms. Springer has to pay for the work that she stole,” an RIAA spokesman reportedly said. “Our methods leave no room for error.” Springer has no “relatives or friends who use her computer, only a dog,” said the report. On Sunday, Metal Underground announced that the story was a hoax, one of several “April Fools gags” it sent out the previous day.


Members of have decided to meet face-to-face in St. Louis, Mo. The AllDeaf Caucus will be held July 13-16 at the Crown Plaza Hotel. A reception Friday night will serve as an ice-breaker, and Saturday will feature a tour of St. Louis that includes the Gateway Arch, the new Busch Stadium and “maybe the City Museum.” AllDeaf creator Alex Chu and others will speak at a Saturday night banquet, with tickets going for $35.95. Rooms with king-size beds are $89 per night. For the latest updates, go to, click on General Chat and look for “AD Caucus Announcement.


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Union leaders sent out an invitation to join a protest rally last Friday in Burbank, Calif. The target of the protest was “the wrongful termination by The National Captioning Institute of its unionized work force," said Leroy Jackson, president of NABET-CWA, Local 53. NCI fired 14 highly skilled union employees on January 31 to avoid collective bargaining, he said, and unfair labor practice charges filed by the union are pending before the Labor Relations Board.


For the deaf community, Jack Gannon’s visit this week to Fulton, Mo. is being compared to Winston Churchill’s trip to the same town in 1946, reported the Fulton Sun. “He’s a hero,” said Carolyn Ball, director of American Sign Language and interpretation at William Woods University. Gannon, a graduate of the Missouri School for the Deaf, is a noted deaf historian, author and educator who curated “History Through Deaf Eyes,” a traveling exhibit of deaf history. His presentation tonight is designed to help the general public realize “that deaf folks are really no different than anyone else except that we cannot hear,” said Gannon. “When given an opportunity, a good education and a level playing field, we do all right.”


Lisa Bothwell has joined the Community Emergency Preparedness Information Network (CEPIN) as national public relations specialist. A recent public relations grad of Texas State University-San Marcos, Bothwell coordinated a campus event called Deaf World and played a key role in reinstating sign language classes at Texas State. “We are fortunate to have Lisa’s PR expertise,” said CEPIN national coordinator Neil McDevitt. The CEPIN project, funded with a $1.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, is coordinated by Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Inc. (TDI) in Silver Spring, Md.


An article published yesterday at took a closer look at scientists who study deaf budgies. The author was alerted to the subject by a paper titled, “Perception of complex sounds in budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus) with temporary hearing loss.” Budgies are thought to be a good model for human hearing and speech. Like us, they have sound-sensitive hair cells in the inner ear. Unlike us, they have the ability to grow new hair cells. Robert Dooling of the University of Maryland has studied the birds for many years and was able to get hair cells to grow back a month or so after killing off the cells with antibiotics. It took the budgies a few days to re-learn some sounds, said Dooling, because “with a new set of cells the world doesn’t sound the same.”


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Expressions of Silence, a 29-member sign language choir from the Montana School for the Deaf, is headed for Salt Lake City, Utah on April 19 to perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the legendary Oak Ridge Boys. Expressions is a local gem, reported the Great Falls Tribune, and co-director Jennifer Wasson said the kids are excited. The trip came together after Great Falls Public Schools music supervisor Dennis Granlie sent an audition tape to the National Association for Music Education and wowed an official. The group has raised $8,000 for expenses but needs another $7,000 and will host a fundraising performance on Saturday.


Performers with disabilities are invited to be included in an expanded national talent database used by networks, studios, theaters, artistic directors and independent producers. It’s called Artist Files/Online (AFO) and its maintained by the Non-Traditional Casting Project in New York City. The NTCP, founded in 1986, has consulted more than 5,000 times with producers, directors and casting agents. To be included in the database, send a resume and professional headshot to: Christine Bruno, Non-Traditional Casting Project, 1560 Broadway, Suite 1600, New York, NY 10036. Include any union affiliations along with the nature of the disability and any accommodations needed or assistive devices used.



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Mary Washington’s baseball team set a Capital Athletic Conference and school record for runs scored in a 46-0 rout of Gallaudet University on Saturday, reported The Washington Post. Eighteen Eagles players scored runs and 16 had hits, while seven Bison players committed errors. Gallaudet, which six years ago lost 41-0 to York (Pa.), suffered a disastrous 15-run third inning that began with two groundouts but led to the next 16 batters reaching base. Mary Washington, ranked 11th in a national poll of coaches, scored in every inning, including 11 in the sixth.


Canada, Mexico, Venezuela and the United States will send 350 athletes to compete in the 2006 Pan American Games for Deaf Youth, which is set for July 30 to August 6 at Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. The Games include two sports, basketball and track & field (athletics) and are sponsored by Gallaudet, Birnbaum Interpreting, Sorenson, IP-Relay and Deaf Nation. Track tryouts for deaf and hard-of-hearing kids ages 10 to 15 will be held as follows: May 7, Maryland School, Frederick,; May 13, Indiana School,; and May 21, Learning Center, Framingham, Mass., There will be no basketball tryouts; coaches will send in their recommendations. Spectators can watch the Games for free and sponsorship opportunities can be arranged with Bridget Bonheyo at Marcia Nowak ( is chair of the host committee.


About 600 disabled athletes from across the country are expected to participate in the second annual Hockey National Disabled Festival, which opens Friday in West Chester, Pa. The event is hosted by USA Hockey’s Disabled Section and its Atlantic District and will feature clinics and competitions for all four disciplines of disabled hockey - amputee hockey, deaf/hard of hearing, sled hockey and special hockey. Much like last year’s event in Michigan, this year’s festival will feature disabled players competing against one another and against able-bodied teams. Deaf and hard-of-hearing attendees will take part in a workshop by DEAFinitely Hockey, a program that teaches skating skills and ice hockey with full communication. Information may be found at


Plans were announced last week for the annual Shawn Parr Invitational Golf Tournament on May 15 at El Niguel Country Club in Laguna Niguel, Calif. Parr, an actor, radio personality, father and advocate for the John Tracy Clinic, is hosting the invitational for the 13th time and invites golfers and fans to join him. The tournament “brings hope, guidance and encouragement to deaf children and their parents,” said Parr, and allows the Orange County Guild “to make progress toward its second million in donations to the Clinic!” Even if you don’t golf, you can join the fun and festivities and make an online donation to the clinic - founded in 1942 by Louise Tracy, wife of actor Spencer Tracey, and named for their son - by visiting


The Republicans came out ahead of the Democrats in the Gallaudet University Congressional Basketball Classic last Tuesday, reported The Evansville Courier & Press. The goodwill game, designed to raise awareness of deaf education, attracted hundreds of Gallaudet students who watched middle-aged legislators run, dribble, pass and shoot. When it was over, the Fighting Elephants had rolled over the Dunkin’ Donkeys, 35-28. The players are a bunch of “old broken-down athletes,” said Rep. John Shimkus of Illinois. “We’re all Type-A guys. We don’t like to lose.” Shimkus added with a laugh that his favorite moment in the game wasn’t his two-pointer, but “when it was over.”



Julie B. Harryman, 52, a gold medalist at the 1973 World Games for the Deaf in Sweden, died Tuesday, March 28 in Fenton, Mich. after a year-long fight with multiple myeloma, a rare form of cancer. “She was very sweet, very gentle and well-liked by everyone,” said Stevie Naeyaert, coordinator of the interpreter training program at Mott Community College in Flint, where Ms. Harryman taught sign language for more than 20 years. She was a student at the Michigan School for the Deaf when she set a WGD world record in javelin that stood for many years, reported the Flint Journal. “She thought she had no chance,” said her brother, Kent Olney, “but she had a very strong left arm, and she won the gold.” Ms. Harryman is survived by her husband, daughter, son, parents, sister and two brothers. She died eight hours after the birth of her first grandchild, soon after seeing a picture of the baby. “We almost sensed that once she knew the baby was born, that freed her up to leave,” said Olney.



GLAD is an Affirmative Action Employer with equal opportunity for men, women and people with disabilities. For more information on the following positions, please go to: The status of all positions is: Regular, Full-time, Non-Exempt, Full Fringe Benefits unless otherwise noted. All positions are open until filled.

LIFESIGNS Director - Los Angeles
Community Interpreter - Riverside

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume and application to:

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V/TDD: (323) 550-4207
Fax #: (323)550-4204



The Ministry of Education, Provincial Schools Branch requires caring, innovative and experienced educator to perform the role of Vice-Principal at the Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf. You will assist the Principal in the effective administration of the school including: coordinating curriculum/implementation; managing human/material resources; support change initiatives; maintaining student records; influence/persuade others; work with stakeholders; commitment to continuous learning. This position is available commencing September, 2006.


Member in good standing with the Ontario College of Teachers.
Principal qualifications Part 1 & 2.
Specialist of the Deaf, Special Education qualifications and Fluency in American Sign Language, or willingness to obtain.
Excellent knowledge of: Ontario’s education system; the Education Act/associated regulations; the curriculum review/implementation process; education of deaf students and learning disabled students.
Well developed communication/interpersonal/supervisory/management skills.

LOCATION: Belleville, Ontario


Please submit your application package including your resume, a covering letter, proof of qualifications and any additional information quoting competition file EDU 05-282 , no later than, 5:00 p.m. on April 28, 2006

Beth Davies, Director
Provincial Schools Branch
255 Ontario Street South
Milton, Ontario, L9T 2M5
FAX # 905-878-5405

Only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted. Late applications will be declined.

NOTE: The successful candidate will be required to provide an original, satisfactory Criminal Reference Check, including Vulnerable Sector Screening (dated within the last six months) as deemed suitable by the Employer, prior to the commencement of employment.

Posting Date: April 5, 2006
Closing Date: April 28, 2006
Clearance #: N/A


National Center on Deafness (NCOD)

Recruitment ID: M0623

The Position:
The Director of National Center on Deafness provides leadership, vision, and management direction for a student-focused department that supports the transition and mainstream education of approximately 200 students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing each semester, by creating student-learning outcomes and assisting students with academic planning leading to timely degree completion. Supervises all department personnel. Directs the daily operation of a comprehensive support services program, which include Academic Advisement, Student Development, and Leadership Programs; coordination of direct communication courses (regular university courses taught in sign language) with colleges in the university; and tutoring, captioning, and note-taking services. Manages the operating budget, prioritizes and allocates departmental resources, and approves all departmental expenditures. Develops procedures, program design and assessment, and fiscal policies. Works closely with the Office of Human Resources to implement new policies, procedures, and job standards. Establishes working relationships across the university to enhance the academic and personal success of students within NCOD. Provides leadership in obtaining external funding through development of funding proposals and extensive networking with funding agencies. Maintains close relationships with federal and state sources, other education and rehabilitation programs for deaf or hard-of-hearing people, and with the deaf community locally and nationally. Interacts with the University Corporation to oversee the operation of cooperative agreements and grants awarded to NCOD from federal, state, and private sources. Acts as ambassador representing NCOD in the deaf and hard-of-hearing community locally and across the country. Shares in division leadership through the Student Affairs Management Council. Serves on university, CSU system-wide, and divisional committees, as appropriate. Assumes other duties as assigned.

Master’s degree in education, administration, or related field from an accredited institution required. Equivalent to five years of responsible, related professional experience managing diverse and complex programs. Demonstrated ability in management within complex organizations, strategic planning, budgets, assessments, and evaluation practices. Familiarity with the concept of the learning-centered university model. Thorough knowledge of issues and trends in the field of deafness; demonstrated leadership ability; and a record of team building, problem solving, and organizational effectiveness. Ability to supervise, train, and evaluate staff; use sign language; communicate effectively with hearing, deaf, and hard-of-hearing individuals in a variety of settings; develop and maintain cooperative working relationships in a highly diverse community both on and off campus; and prepare clear and concise reports. Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communications skills required. Successful record in obtaining external funds preferred.

Applications: Submit cover letter, current resume including names and contact information of three professional references, and salary history for the last five years. Review of applications begins March 27, 2006 and will continue until position is filled. Submit application to: California State University, Northridge; HR; 18111 Nordhoff Street; Northridge, CA 91330-8229.

See our website at: for complete details.




The Ministry Provides a Smoke Free Environment



(Contracts rated under the Provincial Schools Authority)

A rewarding career awaits you with The Ministry of Education, Provincial Schools Branch which operates specialized schools across the Province for the Deaf. Our schools are dedicated to providing quality education to Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in a residential setting. We operate The Sir James Whitney School for the Deaf in Belleville, The Ernest C. Drury School for the Deaf in Milton and The Robarts School for the Deaf in London.

Additionally we are looking for Teachers who are interested and willing to work in classes dedicated to Autistic and multi-exceptional students. These teaching opportunities will have a province wide impact on the delivery of special education.

Employment opportunities in our schools come complete with:

-- the chance to be part of a team of specialized educators recognized as leaders in the field of Deaf and special education
-- comprehensive curriculum support in all grades and subject areas
-- small classroom sizes complemented with outstanding resources
-- commitment to your professional and personal growth
-- a competitive salary and benefits package

For more information regarding employment opportunities and required qualifications please visit this website:



F·E·G·S is one of the largest health and human services organizations in the country with a budget in excess of $230 million and 3,500+ employees in more than 300 locations throughout the New York metropolitan area. We seek experienced professionals, fluent in ASL, to work with staff and adult disabled, deaf population at our Manhattan facility on Hudson Street.

Staff Sign Language Interpreters

FT: Reports to AVP for Deaf Services, provides sign language interpreting services in a wide variety of situations and settings throughout the organization. Occasional staff training on use of sign language interpreters.

PT: Provides interpreting services for individual and group counseling sessions, meetings, and other program activities for Continuing Day Treatment Program serving deaf, chronically mentally ill clients. Must have flexibility in working with client’s personal signing styles.


Day Habilitation Instructor/Specialist to supervise and support deaf adults with developmental disabilities in a classroom setting. Provide group and individual instruction. Tri-state driver’s license required.

Positions require BA (or equivalent combination of education and experience) and full fluency in ASL. Prior experience working with disabled population and RID/NAD certification strongly preferred.

Generous benefits. Send resume to our HR Consultants: HR Dynamics, Inc. (DEPT. JG/ASL), 345 Hudson Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10014. E-mail: Visit our website:


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