March 14, 2007
Vol. 3 No. 14

Editor: Tom Willard

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At least 13 police cars and two ambulances converged on a home in North Mankato, Minn. just before midnight Friday, where they found Paul Simon Koster, 28, dead of an apparent suicide and Curt Anthony Slater, 33, with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound to the back. Neighbors told the Mankato Free Press that Koster was deaf and moved in last November with his deaf wife and toddler daughter. He hadn’t been around much in recent months, they said, and another man had started living in the home. As police continued to investigate, a memorial service for Koster was planned for this morning in Worthington.


A deaf high school student in Alabama was charged with murder in the Monday night shooting death of his father, the Mobile Press-Register reported. Casey T. Clark, 19, was being held in a Bay Minette jail pending a bond hearing this afternoon. Police who responded to the Gulf Shores cottage that Casey shared with his father found Wilbur B. Clark, 48, on his back with a bullet in his chest. The victim had a long history of arrests on charges that included assault, harassment and driving while intoxicated, and he and his son often clashed. “He was the best employee I’ve ever had,” said Wilbur’s boss, Mark Melton. “Unfortunately, he had this screwed-up, dysfunctional family.”


Robbery is suspected as a motive in the shooting death of a deaf man, David L. Howard, 41, who was found lying in a Rochester, N.Y. street Friday night and pronounced dead at a local hospital. No arrests have been made, reported the Democrat and Chronicle. Howard had a wife, also deaf, and three children, said 13WHAM. Family members said Howard, a Rochester School for the Deaf graduate, had just cashed his Social Security check and may have been targeted by someone who knew his routine. “What did he do to you,” asked his mother, Carrie Holmes, “for you to want to do something like this to a person who couldn’t hear you?”


A headline in the Sioux Falls (S.D.) Argus Leader last week - “Three down, 52 more to go” - hinted at the challenge involved in assembling a jury for the Daphne Wright trial. Wright, 43, is charged with kidnapping and murdering Darlene VanderGiesen, 42, in February 2006. Judge Brad Zell wants to find at least 55 qualified jurors, but only three were chosen during the first day of interviews. One woman was dismissed after saying she couldn’t vote for the death penalty; another was removed because she worked at the same company as the victim. About half the group expressed negative feelings about people who are black or lesbian, as is Wright, but said they could separate their feelings from the facts of the case.


Florida School for the Deaf and the Blind students Eli Tambling, 20, and Steven Healy, 17, were arrested last week after a video surfaced that showed them creating and detonating explosive devices on campus. The students used common kitchen items, said police, mixing them in bottles and throwing them on the ground to make them explode. The students didn’t intend to hurt anyone, FSDB spokeswoman Kathy Gillespie told Jacksonville’s WJXT, but they could have. “I don’t want to make light of it or anything,” she said, “but they were curious and experimenting and just carried it, I think, too far.”


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Oregon State Schools Superintendent Susan Castillo said she will decide this month on a proposal to merge the state’s schools for the deaf and the blind onto one Salem-area campus, reported the Associated Press. A report by Oregon Department of Education workers says consolidation would be the best move financially. The two schools serve 136 students, 106 of whom are deaf, and per-student costs can reach $90,000 per year. The report calls for further study of whether Oregon should continue to run residential schools for deaf and blind students. The school for the blind sits on land near Salem “that could be an especially tempting target for real estate developers,” said the AP.


Gallaudet University Board of Trustees Chair Pamela Holmes said in a statement March 2 that the board is seeking nominations for new members. “We are seeking individuals who are dedicated to making Gallaudet a model of academic excellence and diversity,” said Holmes. The board developed four documents, covering the selection timeline, trustee duties, nomination process and selection criteria, “to make the process as clear as possible,” said Harvey Goodstein, chair of the board’s Committee on Trustees. Visit to learn more.


U.S. Senators and Congress members received an introduction to Video Relay Service by deaf actress Marlee Matlin at a recent Washington, D.C. event sponsored by three advocacy organizations. Introduced by National Association of the Deaf President Bobbie Beth Scoggins, Matlin demonstrated video relay technology in the Senate February 28 and in the House of Representatives March 1. She was followed by Claude Stout, executive director of Telecommunications for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, who called on Congress and the Federal Communications Commission to make VRS universally available throughout the country.


San Luis Obispo County in California recently completed a six-month upgrade of emergency roadside call boxes, adding TTYs to 168 call boxes so drivers with speech or hearing impairments can use them to get help in case of an accident or breakdown. According to the San Luis Obispo Tribune, the county agreed to the $362,000 project in exchange for being dropped as a defendant in a 2005 lawsuit filed by the California Center for Law and the Deaf.


A larger-than-expected crowd of about 250 people braved icy roads and fierce snow showers to attend a Centennial Celebration last Thursday at the Idaho School for the Deaf and the Blind, said the Twin Falls Times-News. Staff and students set up tables in the school’s lobby to handle the overflow crowd, who came to support the school and meet old friends. While some were concerned about talk of shutting down the school and the recent resignation of superintendent Harv Lyter, others preferred to focus on the future. “And why not?” said the report. “Guests didn’t brave miserable weather just to be miserable.”


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Wendy and Alistair Stephen believe a vaccine given their daughter Katie in 1991 caused her to lose the hearing in one ear, said the Glasgow (Scotland) Daily Record. The Stephens are one of several families seeking compensation from vaccine makers Smith Kline and French Laboratories in a long-running legal fight that will be heard in a London court this month. Katie, 16, became ill with a fever 10 days after receiving an early form of a vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. “I feel the people who authorized this vaccination knew that someone’s child would be damaged,” said Wendy. “It is time someone took the blame.” Added Katie: “It shouldn’t have happened to me.”


A school for the deaf in South Africa was hit by vandals and arsonists early February 22, reported the People’s Post. The vandals broke a window to enter the Dominican School for the Deaf in Wynberg, said Principal Ruth West, and “threw everything out of drawers and cupboards in the classrooms and left a complete mess.” Most of the student records were protected by filing cabinets, she said, but reports that were not in the cabinets were completely destroyed. The school had planned a number of events to mark its 70th anniversary this year, said West, “but now we will have to use that money to do emergency repairs.”


The University of Bristol’s Centre for Deaf Studies last week launched what it called the world’s first sign language dictionary available from a mobile phone. contains over 5,000 British Sign Language signs and is specially designed with a simple interface for mobile phone displays. Users type in the word they wish to see or choose from an alphabetical list. To avoid unnecessary fees, signs do not appear until users ask for a download. “It will be of great value to students of sign language and to parents,” said sign language lecturer Linda Day, “who just need that sign at that moment in time.”


A London man raised £1,718 ($3,325 US) for charity last month in Australia by making a tandem skydive and by climbing to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Desmond Masterson, 36, who is deaf and visually impaired due to Usher syndrome, raised the money for Sign, a charity that specializes in deafness and mental health issues. He first jumped out of a plane at 10,000 feet, attached by a harness to an experienced skydiving instructor, and one week later he climbed 1,400 steps, 1,362 feet above the sea, to reach the top of the Sydney bridge. Masterson, who just completed a B.A. degree in deaf studies, said he wanted to raise money for SIGN to help combat “a lack of awareness about mental health issues in the general public.”


Paul Cripps of London believes he was discriminated against while auditioning for the Big Brother TV show and is taking his complaint to the Disability Rights Commission. Cripps, 25, said a judge at the audition refused to write questions so he could understand them and said he could not participate because he is deaf. He called it his “worst experience,” reported This is London, and is now seeking advice about whether the show’s producer, Endermol, violated the Disability Discrimination Act.


The Donegal News in Ireland reported last week on a Letterkenny business that has installed a Mosquito system to drive away unruly teenagers with a high-pitched sound that only they can hear. Kevin Grimes, owner of the Four Lanterns, said the vast majority of teens were well-behaved, but a small minority was loitering and hassling customers and staff. The Mosquito system can be turned on and off as needed and “gives out a buzzing noise which creeps up on them over a short period of time and they have to move on,” said Grimes. “We’ve been assured it meets all necessary regulations.”


A deaf Canadian woman was arrested at home last Tuesday morning shortly after she allegedly stabbed her 8-month-old daughter. The incident occurred when a Children’s Aid Society worker and a volunteer brought the woman’s two children to her assisted-living apartment in Hamilton, Ontario for a supervised home visit, reported the London Free Press. The baby was rushed to the hospital and found to have non-life-threatening injuries. The 28-year-old woman, whose name was not released, was charged with attempted murder.


The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association was named winner of a $100,000 ($85,000 US) “extreme public relations makeover” contest sponsored by public relations firm Delta Media Inc., said the Ottawa Citizen. About 40 nonprofit organizations across Canada entered the contest, which was designed to celebrate Delta’s 15th anniversary. Delta will help CHHA overhaul its website ( and draft a communication plan while providing the group with a public relations team for one year. “This is quite an opportunity for us,” said CHHA Executive Director Janice McNamara. “We have had problems really getting out the message about hearing loss.”


Two incidents of alleged rape involving deaf suspects were reported by the Malaysia Star last Friday. In the first, a 67-year-old man was arrested after a teenager said he raped her three times, paying her a small amount each time, and threatened to slit her throat if she told anyone. The matter came to light when the 16-year-old was found to be three months pregnant. In the other incident, a 31-year-old man was detained by police for allegedly raping a deaf woman, also 31, while she was on her way home from work. Neither suspect was identified in the report.


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A new apartment building in Seattle for deaf women who are fleeing from or recovering from domestic violence is now accepting applications. The building, called “A Place of Our Own,” was designed with deaf residents in mind and offers advocacy, parenting classes, child care, counseling and more. The transitional housing program is run by Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services and the fully furnished apartments are available to women who meet an income limit and have at least one child. Families can stay for up to two years. Contact to request an application packet.


A solar rechargeable hearing aid battery that was originally designed for developing countries is now available in the United States through SoundBytes, a Hicksville, N.Y. company specializing in equipment for deaf and hard-of-hearing people. SolarAid battery kits include Ni-MH batteries and chargers that work with both solar and AC power. They are manufactured in Botswana by hearing aid manufacturer Godisa - an African word meaning “to do something that will help someone else grow.” The batteries were previously available only through humanitarian groups. Each battery can be recharged up to 300 times, lasting up to two years. A kit with charger, AC adapter and four batteries sells for $75. To learn more, click here.


A pile of snow larger than a Volkswagen Beetle was seen in the parking lot of a school for the deaf near Sacramento last week, said The Sacramento Bee, even though it’s been 31 years since the area received more than an inch of snow. The snow at the Children’s Choice for Hearing and Talking in Rosemont was brought in from South Lake Tahoe by California Department of Transportation workers, who volunteered to help the students learn about the Arctic. “This way we’re able to talk about coldness and wetness and white and bright,” said the schools’ executive director, Greg Wilson, “and they know what we mean.”

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All of the students in Michelle Tanner’s third-grade class at Gerald Wright Elementary School in West Valley City, Utah will soon have their own video iPod, thanks to a grant from Qwest. Tanner is one of 20 teachers in Utah receiving grants totaling $50,000 for software, equipment and projects that use technology in the classroom, said the Deseret Morning News. She’ll use the iPods to help her students with homework, signing assignments and vocabulary words on video that students can review at home. Text below the video will enable parents who don’t know sign language to stay involved. “This is just amazing,” said Qwest spokesman Gary Younger. “This is about as out of the box as you can get.”


Northeastern University researchers Dennis Cokely and Betsy Winston are conducting a research project to learn more about the nationwide shortage of sign language interpreters. They hope the results will spur interest in interpreting as a career and lead to more funding for interpreting services. Individuals 18 and over are invited to fill out the survey, which takes about 10 minutes and asks questions about when and where you need interpreters. To get started, click here.


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An episode of Law & Order: Criminal Intent that features what one observer calls “one of the biggest deaf casts in TV history” has been postponed from March 20 to April 3. The episode was filmed in New York City over a four-day period in February and required a core group of signing individuals between 18 and 25. “The scenes vary from a theater rehearsal to a protest, all of which will have a group signing at various times,” said a call for extras.


A Los Angeles film school student is seeking actors for a film about a young deaf woman facing a choice of whether to get cochlear implants. Sharon Odams, a writing/directing student at the LA Film School, said she and producer Marcus Wikars plan to shoot for five days starting June 6 and payment will be in the form of credit, food and copy. Several roles are available, including the lead, Jessica, age 18-20, who wears hearing aids and uses American Sign Language. Background actors age 18-100 are also needed for deaf community center scenes. To get involved, contact Odams at


Bernard Bragg brings his one-man show, “Theatre in the Sky,” to the California State University at Northridge on Friday night. This is the latest stop on Bragg’s 10-city benefit tour, which started last November in Austin, Texas. Bragg said he wanted to do the show, a collection of skits, poetry, songs and mime, because he loves to entertain people. He also wants audience members to join him in supporting deaf-related organizations, especially in developing countries. Proceeds from the show will be given to the National Association of the Deaf and the World Federation of the Deaf, said Bragg, to “help bring about change in education, employment, health care and social attitudes toward deaf people.” For ticket information, write to


The Association of Adult Musicians with Hearing Loss is planning it s first music conference and festival June 19-20 at the University of Oklahoma in Norman. The schedule includes several workshops, a music recital and hands-on activities with drums and handbells. You can even find out if you can sing with a hearing loss. Assistive listening devices and real-time captioning will be provided. The event takes place just before the Hearing Loss Association of America convention in Oklahoma City, and a shuttle bus will be provided to the convention after the music conference ends. Click here to learn more.


GLAD - the Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. - will host a celebration luncheon Sunday in honor of Center Theatre Group and Deaf West Theatre’s production of Sleeping Beauty Wakes, a new musical fable at the Kirk Douglas Theatre. “Please join us for lunch, enjoy a special sneak peek and help spread the word in our communities,” said an invitation from Michael Ritchie, artistic director of Center Theatre Group, and Ed Waterstreet, artistic director of Deaf West Theatre. The luncheon takes place at GLAD headquarters in Eagle Rock. Write to Jeremy Green ( to reserve your spot.


Deaf high school students from across Southern California will be in Anaheim this Saturday for The Greenelight Foundation’s 6th annual Deaf Arts Jubilee. According to a news release, “deaf professionals from the worlds of comedy, magic, dance, acting, theatrical make-up and golf will teach interactive workshops for the students.” Featured guests include comic C.J. Jones, actress Michelle Banks and recording artist TL. The event takes place at the Tiger Woods Learning Center, but the event is not open to the public and attendees must register in advance. To learn more, visit


Next Wednesday marks the release of A...My Name’s Amelia, a historical romance about a young girl deafened by illness in 1874. “Left to grow up in frontier territory at the Colorado Institute for the Education of Mutes, Amelia is determined to live the life she dreamed for herself before becoming deaf,” said a news release. “Her dreams do not include becoming anyone’s mail-order bride, especially the handsome, roughened rancher Aaron Zachary’s.” Library Journal praised the book for its historical detail about the deaf and called it “a good choice for all fiction collections.” For more, visit author Joanne Sundell’s website at



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The deaf community will have two major basketball tournaments this spring. USA Deaf Basketball will host its 63rd Annual Men’s and 17th Annual Women’s tournament April 11-14 in Indiana. It takes place at The Fieldhouse in Fishers and Lawrence North High School in Indianapolis, with tickets available at the door. Visit for the schedule and ticket information. Meanwhile, the U.S.A. Deaf Basketball Organization promises to go “back to AAAD basketball” when it hosts its first national deaf basketball tournament March 21-24 at the University of California, Riverside. Learn more at


Curtis Pride and Ryan Ketchner made baseball history last week when the San Diego Padres played the Anaheim Angels in a Tempe, Ariz. exhibition game. According to the North County Times, it was the first time two deaf players appeared in the same game since Dummy Hoy faced Dummy Taylor in 1902. The two players have met on many other occasions, dating back to Pride’s early years with the New York Mets. “I’m always pushing him,” said Pride. Ketchner, who missed the 2005 season after arm surgery and pitched just 26-2/3 innings last year with the Dodgers, was signed by the Padres as a free agent in November.


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The Deaf Seniors of America plan to hold their 9th biennial conference next month in Orlando, Fla. Hotel Renaissance at Sea World is the site of the event, which is set for April 9-15. Visit for more information.



Greetings from the North Dakota School for the Deaf.

Please allow me to give clarification to your article, "NORTH DAKOTA NIXES STUDY OF SCHOOL MERGER".

The North Dakots School for the Deaf's budget request for 07-09 is for a two year budget, in the amount of $6,805,664. This budget request reflects a 4.2% decrease from the 05-07 appropriations. It is true that NDSD has 26 students this year and we project 24 students next year. Our projected costs per student for educational and residential programming is $79,000 per student per year, and not the $261,538 figure that was quoted in your article.

The North Dakota School for the Deaf has been providing citizens of North Dakota, literally birth to death, with our statewide Outreach Service Programs. We employ Outreach Staff that are located in Grand Forks, Fargo, Bismarck, Minot and Devils Lake. NDSD also provides a statewide service for deaf-blind citizens with our Deaf-Blind Statewide Project. We serve infants, children and young adults who are deaf-blind in North Dakota. A total of 6055 North Dakota Individuals were served by our Outreach Programs in 2003-05 and 6383 Individuals have been served thus far in 2005-07 with approximately 5 months remaining in this Biennium.

The North Dakota School for the Deaf has, since 1890, been committed to providing quality services and we will continue to provide deaf-blind and hard of hearing individuals in North Dakota these services that they need and deserve.

Best personal regards,

Dennis J. Fogelson, Supt.
North Dakota School for the Deaf


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GLAD is an Affirmative Action Employer with equal opportunity for men, women and people with disabilities. For more information on the following positions, please go to: The status of all positions is: Regular, Full-time, Non-Exempt, Full Fringe Benefits unless otherwise noted. All positions are open until filled.

- Building Manager - Los Angeles
- Regional Director - Riverside
- Mexican Sign Language Interpreter - Riverside
- Job Developer/Interpreter - Crenshaw and Pacoima
- Community Advocate - Los Angeles
- Placement Coordinator - Crenshaw
- Placement Coordinator (Temporary) - Norwalk
- Hard of Hearing Specialist (Temporary) -- Los Angeles and Riverside
- Community Advocate (Temporary) - Riverside
- Community Advocate - Riverside

If interested for any of these positions then please submit resume and application to:

Jeff Fetterman
Human Resources Specialist
Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
2222 Laverna Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90041
V/TDD: (323) 550-4207
Fax #: (323)550-4204



Hamilton Relay, Inc. currently has a full-time position open for “Outreach Coordinator” for the state of Kansas.

Applications and Job Descriptions may be picked up from and returned to Cindy Blase in Human Resource Department by April 6, 2007. (Any questions concerning the opening can be directed to Cindy/Human Resource Department.)

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Position summary: Position is responsible for Outreach, marketing, and gathering information which will help improve the quality of the relay service and the number of customers served by Hamilton. Individual will be required to travel.

Applicants with the ability to communicate through the use of American Sign Language are preferred. An Associate or Bachelor's Degree or comparable work experience along with a minimum of three years public relations experience is preferred. Strong written, analytical and interpersonal skills as well as a driver's license and ability to travel alone are required. Direct work experience with a Telecommunications Relay Service is also preferred. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals may send all inquiries and/or resumes to to the attention of Cindy Blase in Human Resource Department by April 6, 2007.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Hamilton Relay, Inc. is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications based in Aurora, NE. Hamilton offers a competitive wage. Contact our HR Dept. at: 800.821.1831 or at:


Staffed in Baltimore, MD

Hamilton Relay Services Division in Maryland currently has a full time position open for “TRS Outreach Coordinator”.

This position will be staffed in Baltimore, MD.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Position summary: Position is responsible for providing and gathering information which will help improve the quality of the relay service and the number of customers served by Maryland Relay. Individual will devote 100% of their time to Maryland Relay specific business and will be required to travel throughout the state of Maryland as needed.

Applicants with the ability to communicate through the use of American Sign Language are preferred. An Associate or Bachelor's Degree or comparable work experience along with a minimum of three years public relations experience is preferred. Strong written, analytical and interpersonal skills as well as a driver's license and ability to travel alone are required. Direct work experience with a Telecommunications Relay Service is also preferred. Deaf and hard of hearing individuals are encouraged to apply.

Interested individuals may send all inquiries and/or resumes to to the attention of Cindy Blase in Human Resource Department by April 6, 2007.

We are an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex, age, national origin or disability.

Hamilton Relay, Inc. is a division of Hamilton Telecommunications based in Aurora, NE. Hamilton offers a competitive wage. Contact our HR Dept. at: 800.821.1831 or at:


Executive Assistant Position Announcement
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy & Referral Agency - San Leandro

Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency (DCARA) has a full-time (40 hours/week) exempt Executive Assistant position available. The Executive Assistant will work out of the headquarters office in San Leandro, CA and provides clerical and administrative support and reports to the Chief Executive Officer. DCARA offers extremely competitive benefits such as a 4 day work-week schedule, 12 days of holiday leave plus one week paid winter holiday and full medical, dental, vision and life insurances. For more details, see


Director of Client Support Services Position Announcement
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency - San Leandro, CA

This position directs and supervises all aspects of outreach and specialized services in San Leandro, San Jose, Fremont, Eureka, and Santa Cruz. Represents agency in educational, advocacy, and social service contexts; coordinates program development and evaluation; monitors department budget; and performs direct services to clients. DCARA offers extremely competitive benefits such as 4-day work week schedule (40 hours), 12 days of holiday leave plus one week paid winter holiday, and full medical, dental, vision and life insurances. For more details, see


Client Support Specialist, Position Announcement
Deaf Counseling, Advocacy and Referral Agency - Fremont, CA

The Client Support Specialist will work with deaf, hard of hearing, deafened individuals and deaf senior citizens and provide services including peer counseling, advocacy, and community education on health issues, senior citizen issues, entitlement benefits and daily living issues. DCARA offers extremely competitive benefits such as 4-day work week schedule (40 hours), 12 days of holiday leave plus one week paid winter holiday, and full medical, dental, vision and life insurances. For more details, see


Job Announcement
Advocate position in Las Vegas area

ORGANIZATION: Nevada Association of the Deaf (NVAD) Deaf and Hard of Hearing Advocacy Resource Center (DHHARC) is a statewide advocacy, resource, telecommunications distribution, and direct service center offering advocacy, referral and community education services throughout Nevada. The Headquarters is in Carson City with two other main offices in Reno/Sparks and Las Vegas. Two outreach offices are being planned for Elko and Fallon. All designed to enhance the lives of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nevadans and to educate the Nevada citizens about deadness and related issues.

You can write or email for a copy of the full position description
Type of appointment: Full-time, Location: Las Vegas vicinity
Posting date: March 15, 2007. Closing date: May 7, 2007

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: Plan and coordinate outreach, advocacy, referral and telecommunications programs targeting Deaf and Hard of Hearing Nevadans.

SALARY: $34,000 to $39,000 DOE, plus customary benefits.

Cooperate with Center Director and Staff in the development and implementation of documented Center goals, objectives, and strategies.

*Daily interaction with Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers on a variety of issues
*Daily interaction with various Nevada businesses, agencies, and organizations
*Dissemination of information consistent with DHHARC’s mission statement and funding obligations, apart from personal philosophy
*Possess excellent skills interacting with the deaf and hearing culture.

*Provide innovative outreach and advocacy throughout Nevada with special emphasis on rural and isolated populations/communities
*Inform and advocate for consumer rights/choices
*Provide peer counseling and support, education, and advocacy
*Provide information and referral services RA
*Develop and disseminate informational and publicity materials on DHHARC programs, services, resources and community activities to the general public
*Coordinate and do presentations to service providers, government entities, schools and businesses
*Maintain reporting and case management database of consumer requests and service needs
*Work closely with community service providers, DHHARC staff, and agencies to enhance service programs, evaluations, and outcomes
*Research and apply to possible funding sources for program operation and expansion
*Work with the Nevada Communication Access Council and serve as a liaison between community service providers and the public
*Promote a consumer choice and independent living philosophy at all times
*Coordinate annual events and participate in various projects with Central staff
and in the community
*Provide educational assistance to parents, students, school districts, and post secondary programs
*Prepare and submit reports as specified by the Executive Director, and in keeping with funding requirements
*Perform other DHHARC related functions as assigned by the Executive Director when needed to achieve DHHARC’s goals.

*Fluency in American Sign Language and thorough knowledge of Deaf Culture and history;
*Positive interpersonal skills, flexibility, and knowledge of working with persons of multi-ethnic/cultural backgrounds;
*Knowledge and understanding of laws protecting rights of individuals with disabilities;
*Excellent signed communication skills, excellent written and verbal skills, and the ability to present information in a clear, concise manner;
*Literacy in computer applications, including word processing and database management (DHHARC uses Microsoft Office Professional);
*Professional manner in dress and demeanor when interacting with others, both inside (team player) and outside the organization;
*Reliable transportation and willingness to work flexible hours and/or days when needed;

All applicants must submit a letter of interest, a resume and three letters of reference to DHHARC at 111 West Telegraph Street, Suite #104, Carson City, NV 89703.


Special notes:
DHHARC selects applicants for employment based on job related knowledge, skills and abilities without regard to race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

For further information contact Executive Director at


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